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  1. This is the 2nd year running the same happen. Need a fix asap
  2. Help needed I have lost all my icloud saves and can't find them any where I have speak with Apple and they can't help Any help would be great
  3. Just started a new games has Barcelona, and why are there colours yellow and blue ? Barcelona are Red and blue !
  4. Running a ipad ios 5.1.1 and every time i open the app it crashes on the sega sign help needed !
  5. now on season 12 and Wage budget is going up and transfer money is not and i cant adjust it any help plz
  6. I have played it for 8 seasons now. When i go to adjust the bugdet i cant. I got 54m on wages and only 100m on tranfers Any help would be great
  7. All sorted now. I restore it a 2nd time and it is there now
  8. I have done the update and now my Sugar daddy is gone I cant get it back, help needed It is gone off my saved games also Any help would be great Phil
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