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  1. One week at the top, now the glory is gone.
  2. You could have saved it for some other poor sod and his team instead of mine. :o
  3. My team (Dully Demons) are in third place mainly due to the form of Kane and Eriksen (both Spurs), Ivanovic and Hazard (both Chelsea) and Aguero (Man City). Apart from Aguero I've steered clear of players from both Manchester clubs as well as Liverpool. Sanchez was great until his recent injury woes and I dropped him meaning that I have no Arsenal players either.
  4. 10-3 and his Eleven Angry Men missed out on a great chance to topple the league-leading Moto Club Gunners this week.
  5. If Jose Mourinho was in charge of Dully Demons he'd definitely have a case for a conspiracy. Top overall score with 997 points, but 7th on the table... :confused:
  6. I'm rarely on here nowadays, but I always check in on this effort, cf2. Keep up the tremendous work, a great first season at Liverpool and here's hoping for a title challenge from your boys.
  7. I'm out of the cup, so at least I can concentrate on the league. [/manager_cliche]
  8. I'll probably rip through the group stages and then unceremoniously crash out in the quarter-finals.
  9. My Hannover are the dominant force, currently 24 consecutive Bundesliga titles, although FC Bayern, Dortmund, Schalke and Wolfsburg are always trying to knock us off our perch. No, I've not seen that happen in FM12 so far, copper.
  10. I couldn't get in FM13 or FM14 and I haven't got FM15, instead I am still cruising along with FM12, currently playing as Hannover in the 2044/45 season.
  11. I'm the top points scorer, but only 6th on the head-to-head table. :confused: All that is explained when you realise that I was beaten by copper as well!!
  12. Just catching up with your exploits at new club Liverpool, plenty of new signings which I hope gel for you soon. Top effort with this story, cf2.
  13. I won't be changing Dully Demons after my 63-point opening week score. [/smug]
  14. I'm very impressed with this story so far, copper. Looking forward to more.
  15. An excellent start, G_P. Looking forward to more.
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