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  1. I'm rarely on here nowadays, but I always check in on this effort, cf2. Keep up the tremendous work, a great first season at Liverpool and here's hoping for a title challenge from your boys.
  2. My Hannover are the dominant force, currently 24 consecutive Bundesliga titles, although FC Bayern, Dortmund, Schalke and Wolfsburg are always trying to knock us off our perch. No, I've not seen that happen in FM12 so far, copper.
  3. I couldn't get in FM13 or FM14 and I haven't got FM15, instead I am still cruising along with FM12, currently playing as Hannover in the 2044/45 season.
  4. Just catching up with your exploits at new club Liverpool, plenty of new signings which I hope gel for you soon. Top effort with this story, cf2.
  5. Good to see some points on the board, cf2. A couple of astute signings there too.
  6. Great job, cf2. You've handled the pressure very well and got the reward for Fulham. A fine read, my man.
  7. Best of luck with Fulham, cf2. This has been a great read so far.
  8. Great season, cf2. Congratulations on the trophy haul. A supremely well-written effort too.
  9. I suppose managing a second club now qualifies you as a journeyman, so at least the thread title is more apt. Best of luck with Northampton, cf2.
  10. Great start to your Second League campaign, cf2.
  11. I'm another who hasn't bought FM14. I never really got into FM13 though and instead I'm still playing a couple of my best-ever career games on FM12. I suspect I will buy FM14 after a couple of patches, probably in the New Year.
  12. Wait for next season in Division 2, that'll sort him out, Mark. KUTGW cf2.
  13. I am most impressed, cf2. Keep up the good work, sir.
  14. I would have liked Dortmund to win the Champions League Final last night, but Bayern Munich were just a bit too clinical. What I saw of Ribery in that game just further inflated my dislike of him as a person.
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