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  1. The subscription on one year is missing on android too. I would be interested in the one year subscription too. Could someone please reply ?
  2. Come on, it's been a year and a half, give us something about Project Yuka. Or at least a date when it will be released.
  3. I am sure of that too, please SI ...give us our beloved game back, i can't understand why it's forbidden for the rest of the world, there are a lot more people living in the other countries than in China and Koreea.
  4. Hi all ! I enjoyed very much the Football Manager Live when it was launched back in 2008. For me it was the best game ever created.The thing that you play with other real players and interact with them instead of the computer is what i like the most. Negociating a transfer, sending messages to friends to find out how their team is doing, see how everyone is doing on the main lobby and what recent tranfer have been going on , etc... all of that is priceless. Also the design of the game all the different kinds of messages you receive about the players you are interested ( the ones where you find out the bids that other players are making on the player you are interested where my favorite), the fact that you could learn skills and develop yourself as a coach where another favorite of mine. And i could talk forever about the things i love about this game. I would give anything to be able to play it again, the feeling was wonderful. Seeing another version of the game being released in other parts of the world like Koreea and China has given me the certainty that there are a lot of people that really want to play this game. But there is a huge amount of people that would want to play it from the rest of the world too, maybe even more so than the ones in China and Coreea. So please people from Sports Interactive, give use back the game that we all loved !
  5. Hi, i want to find out about what attributes are needed for each type of staff, and how to find the great ones, is there a thread somewhere, or.. where can i start one and ask what i want to know ?
  6. Hey guys, Abz, William, Efe and all the others. It feels like forever since i've played FMLive. It was for sure the best game i've ever played in my life. It's level of detail and the overall quality were maybe equal to let's say Blizzards Diablo or Starcraft. I mean sure FM is excelent , but FML was unbelivable, something else (i would give FM a 8.5-9, and FML a 9.9). The feeling of buying a player from another real person after hard negociations, training in the skills that you want, counting the days till your new graduate comes, and best of all interact with other players,send, receive messages,chat whenever you want,organize competitions. In one word it was unique. It was very addictive as a downside, but i promise i won't play as much if they bring it back. And would definitely pay for it, if it was necessary. I'm putting together an internet site were we can gather votes to bring back FML, and other things as share our thoughts and opinions about the game, maybe we can draw some attention. I'm not very good at the web design yet, but i hope it will turn out good. If Abz would want to post the link here in the first post it would be very good, so i don't have to start another thread.
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