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  1. I'm not. When even labelling can't be trusted, the wondering is legitimate.
  2. yes, for wingers... missed that (important) detail. Ok, more bad labelling. Got to wonder what can be trusted about this game
  3. well, it's not a matter of believing, it's a matter of being a fact recognized from SI... or at least from Adam Mingway .
  4. That could be a bit disrespectful with people that watch full matches and has been posting at the bugs section several issues that SI recognizes as issues to be fixed. But ok, let's leave out of the picture the part of disrespect and just considerer how your argument or how an eventual lack of attention to tactics relates with: a) poor first touch from top players b) poor decision from players near goal c) poor behaviour from IFs d) lack of reaction from defenders to long balls e) very poor decision / passing from GKs f) poor closing down from players just running alongside the opponent and not intercepting
  5. I posted this one http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/384341-Reviewed-14.2.2.-More-several-issues and this one http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/383436-Reviewed-14.2.2-Several-Issues This second one is where Adam Mingway says that there known issues with the IFs
  6. I posted at the match engine bugs forum about the IF and it was confirmed that there are issues to be fixed. Now I'm using wingers and it works fine.
  7. SI seriously needs to review this thing of opponent teams reacting in the last 20 or 15 minutes when they are completly dominated during the rest of the match. Players are composed, motivated and it's a known issue in football that the team without possession has a lot more physical stress than the team with possession.
  8. I thought of that also, maybe is a labeling issue and not that the role has the two instructions active but since I don't see the player dropping deeper (not even with the ppm) maybe it's more than a simple labeling.
  9. He holds position (the instruction is on by default) but wait, he can also roam at the same time, the man is prodigy I got suspicious because I wasn't seeing my player to drop deep (and he has also a ppm to do it). It's because things like this that I also become suspicious when someone tell us "it's your tactics"... yes, it can be, a lot of times it is indeed, but this one (and a lot more) it's bad.
  10. I did not change his role, I'm at the pre-season and set him as Treq from the beginning.
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