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  1. Have moved to Barcelona in my game after a few years in England. About a month in my B team manager retired, the club automatically posted an advert for a replacement. Now, four months on, the ad still hasn’t come down and no appointment has been made - and I can’t appoint a B team manager - the option to offer a contract for the role is prevented in negotiations. Is there anything I can change in the responsibilities or elsewhere that will allow me to appoint, or is this just a bug?
  2. I do have a head of youth development - I'll check that when I play next. It will be very frustrating if it was something that simple.
  3. I have checked those that remain and they haven't, plus I don't have a director of football. Who knows. I'll have to wait and see if it happens again. Could get to be a bit of a game spoiler if it continues...
  4. Sorry, should have added that all three offers are below their minimum release fee. Only one actually left, the other two declined their contracts, but I should still like to get ahead of this before the next window.
  5. Playing as Real Madrid, having moved from my previous club. The financial state of the club is so good it is frightening so it can't be a money thing, however on transfer deadline day (January) the "club hierarchy" are dealing with transfers for a host of my best young players by accepting uselessly low deals for three of them. The players are all out at Castilla, I have unchecked the option for their manager to deal with sales. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
  6. Agree. For teams that are dominating their leagues the aspirations should become continental in nature.
  7. Quite right about the Castilla, apologies - I think there has been an unnoticed auto-correct issue on my phone. If they are a separate club, how come there is an option for me to be in charge of buying their players and how come I can negotiate contracts for all their players? Also then, what is the deal when I send my players there? Do I pay their wages, yes? Do they no longer count as at my club for training purposes? Is there a different relationship between Castilla and Real than a normal B team setup?
  8. Cool thanks. One is all I will need.
  9. I'll have another look but I couldn't even find a staff responsibilities tab for Castillo. If it's the managers responsibility though then they'll do it? They're not in a non playable league though - they're in la liga adelante and even if they get relegated I have the leagues below them active.
  10. Could I please raise the point of staff contracts? I cannot offer contract renewals or sign new staff for Castillo as manager of Real Madrid. Is this normal? Castillo are obviously important to Real and all their staff bar the manager are out of contract at the end of the season. Should I be worried? Am I missing something obvious? Any help is gratefully received.
  11. Thank you. Just checking before I make a signing.
  12. If a player has played in the champions league for another club and I sign them in January, would they be cup tied for me in the Euro League?
  13. Thank you. I'll have a play and see what I can find in terms of the contracts.
  14. I have just taken the Real Madrid job and this is the first time I have ever managed a club in Spain. I am confused by certain elements of my link with Castillo: 1) I can move players between clubs pretty much at will and there doesn't seem to be any negotiation with the players like in the loan agreements I've had in the past - does this mean that the player has no ability to refuse the move (as did sometimes happen with the loan agreements)? 2) Does Castillo count as a separate club for "trained at club purposes"? Castillo are struggling badly in their league at the moment and I have some great young players who would really benefit the club and help them out of their current situation, as well as getting first team time that they are not likely to get in the first team at the moment, however only one of them already has their trained at club status. Will I endanger that if I move some players to Castillo who don't already have it? 3) Who employs the staff and renews contracts? It appears I have control over player contract negotiations, however cannot do the same for staff, either hiring or firing or renewing. This may be an issue shortly as only the manager at Castillo has a contract that runs past the end of this season. Everyone else is out of contract, which would leave the club with no staff and no way of getting new ones? Or will the AI look after that one for me? 4) Is there anything else about this link that I would benefit from knowing about bearing in mind I have never managed a spanish club ever in CM/FM before? Any answers and advice are gratefully received.
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