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  1. Hi, please can you fix this for the next update, other than that it is a good skin.
  2. has potential to be a good looking skin.
  3. I recommend Alavanja 14 Ultimate for laptops, i play fm14 on a 15.4" laptop and it works great, no bugs and no crashes. clean text and graphics, one of the best. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/391554-FM14-RELEASED-Alavanja-14-Ultimate-(THE-MOST-COMPLETE-SKIN-AND-NO-BUGS)
  4. it is always 6months before the contract ends, if you are a club in england you have to wait until 1 month before the contract ends for players in england. The FA may have done this to prevent the lewandowski situation has someone suggested on sortitoutsi forum when someone else posted a similar question.
  5. thanks Tom, both suggestions for the pie charts and progressing button, they have worked.
  6. Hi Tom, Great skin, worth waiting for. Also another text colour thing with "world news" in the progress screen, just a minor issue like the one King Costly has highlighted. Just a played a match and no other issues haved appeared. The various graphic packs are showing up very nicely.
  7. the floating score board does not look as good as the one with it in the header with the club badges, that is just a personal choice. all the screen shots of the skin look good. cant wait for it to be released. loved the FM12 skin.
  8. someone asked that on sortitoutsi and tom does not answer questions like this one.
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