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  1. Every year I create Afc spurs by re naming a random conference south club, releasing all their players to start from scratch, have people like David ginola and Glenn hoddle as directors and coaches and that. The only issue I have and just wondering if anyone knows how to do this is how can I use their Spurs badge as my teams logo?
  2. That's what you Have to do anyway, Got the backgrounds on team/player pages, just not on matchday.
  3. How do you get stadium backgrounds on matchday?
  4. On fm14 when the matchday screen came up, the background was that of the stadium I was playing in as I downloaded the megapacks, also during the game as I play in 2d the pitch was in the middle of the stadium background and it looked really good. How comes that's not happening this year and ive just got the standard background? Anyone?
  5. I've got the stadium megapack working but as others say, they don't appear whatsoever on matchday, I see some of you. Have got them up. How?
  6. Steam workshop? Lol the skins on there can't be used In game
  7. I can't get any alternative skins in my game whatsoever for some reason, can Get logos/faces etc in but not one single skin I've Downloaded has appeared in the pop up
  8. Love that this is a so called HELP forum where people don't actually offer help lol
  9. Is there anything you have to do differently this year to import skins into the game? Tried getting Scorpio and dazs8 dark but neither turn up, yet all the other graphics have worked such ass facepack,logos,stadium/competition backgrounds. So I know I'm doing it right
  10. Cheers for the heads up pal, will give him a go in the cup game vs Bournemouth coming up
  11. Haven't noticed that with mussachio yet, I like Capoue as an anchor man just sits there and does his job nice and simple and play bentaleb when resting. I'm playing a 4-3-3 tactic really with Eriksen/Romero in front of capoue, control-flexibility, pretty much the same as kubos tactics just with a few suttle tweaks to suit me
  12. Finally found a tactic that works, what you guys think of this team? Lloris Walker Mussachio Balanta Alex sandro Capoue Eriksen Romero Depay Lamela Berahino
  13. What's the point in this game? 3/4 new injuries a week usually for 4/5 weeks at a time, ridiculous
  14. I used spurs last year and only needed 5 new players, would need about 20 this time lol
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