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  1. This. Also, it would also be a good secondary way for the engine to introduce new regens into the game, as youngsters that had not been "discovered" yet (regardless of quality) could come and try out for a club, and if good enough, get the nod, or try out at a different club. I would love to see this feature. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Yeah this would be great. Your assistant manager and scouts can draw up a short list of players who could step up and make the grade and then its up to you if you want to offer them contracts. Thses trials can happen maybe at the beginning of the season, around xmas and also towards the end of the season when players who's contracts are about to run out can go to trials.
  2. Maybe if you have an injured player that has to go off your assistant manager can suggest which player to have in the injured players position or maybe a change of formation
  3. I like the ideas of have matches postponed due to the weather like in Scotland you get matches cancelled because of the bad weather. Or having matches abandoned due to the weather.
  4. Media:- Having player interview before matches and also after matches and they can comment on how the team has played and also if they have problems such as only playing 5 minutes in a match or disappointed to be taken off. Breaks:- When you come up to a period in the game when you have 2 weeks off before your next game you should have the option to either send players on a holiday or on a team bonding trip. Subs:- When you make a change you should be able to give instructions to them like if you want them to push forward more when you are chasing a goal or keep the play simple. This should give your players more believe in themselves when in certain situations Friendlies:- When you start at a new club you should have a list of teams who would be interested in having a friendly with your club and you get to select which teams you want you team to play against. Reserves & Youth Team:- Maybe having reports that tell you which players are performing well and should be promoted to the reserve team and the first team. If someone is head and shoulders above the rest of the team the assistant manager then tells you he should be moved up. Scouting:- Maybe your scouts can recommend young players who would be good enough for the youth team or the youth team manager can ask if they could have a player who they think is good enough to have a trial at the club.
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