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  1. Absolutely no player instructions Edit: That's a lie, I have PI on my counter strategy, but I rarely use that, otherwise none
  2. It's darn bizarre. FM does kinda exist somewhere in it's own universe though. I've tested striker-less formations with defenders in 3 AM position have them score a butt load too. I might even try a season with defenders up front. As long as a player doesn't take more than 2 touches, or if they hit the ball on the half volley, seems like anyone with any stat can score from anywhere.
  3. They are indeed OP. I thought I would try out my theory though. I just won the FA cup final and Champs final with Rooney and Wellbeck in Fullback Position. So...
  4. I'm not sure we could see an absolute abortion of the game, even if they were being complacent. The game is 20 years in the making, copy and paste the old version, update the database and you'll have something similar to the previous iteration. What I'm saying is, they always have a stencil to shape the game around. What we have had in my opinion with FM14. Is a game that, for it's entire life cycle, hasn't been up to par, despite multiple patches and updates, there are still a lot of problems. This is subjective of course, some people are okay with these "quirks". However, for someone who isn't usually a year in year out player, it's not something you get used to easily. Now development for FM14 has finished with a broken product, and honestly, it annoys me to think that we could all have to do this again with FM15. Buy a full price game, have the community test it and simply end up with having to wait for FM16 to iron out even more problems. To me, this is absolute complacency. I can't imagine this would be the case if a competitor did exist.
  5. There are exploits in this game. Full backs don't defend or track runners, so many goals are conceded to simple through balls exploiting that area. They do however, because of the previous get themselves into absurd goal scoring positions, more so if you don't use wingers. So, pro tip. Because they don't defend anyway, put strikers in the full back positions. Profit
  6. Ideally it's going to be someone who's going to take over from Van Persie when he's had it. Actually, forget about it, henriquez has absurd potential on my game. Sweet
  7. Anyone know of a good understudy to Van Persie? In my first season?
  8. Personally I agree with what Sydney666.. To me, it's because FM is 20 years in the making, that I can say SI takes things for granted. I'm not a year in year out player of the FM series, but I have played a fair few of them, as far back as CM3. So I'm less in the camp of, this is good for FM standards, and more in the camp of, what's good for current gaming standards as a whole. FM isn't pretty, it's full of bugs, hasn't made great leaps forward, some problems that existed years ago, still exist, the database is out of date etc. Sure, I'm a harsher critic than most, but that's only because I've had so many great times with the series in the past, that I want each iteration I play to also succeed. To me, for FM to be as old as it is, and in my opinion have FM14 be not up to par for the entire length of it's release even through patches is a disappointment. For me, this is taking things for granted.
  9. Most of the teams I've managed have been complete masochists. Only responding to aggressive talks, and then having players come to me later and tell me I'm not being strict enough. Filthy buggers
  10. The actual best news. I haven't played FM since January, this is probably going to bring me back, regardless of anything else. Gladbach FTW suckers
  11. Considering the most scathing criticism get's deleted if it's deemed to not be constructive. I'd personally like to see the the people who simply post. Wooooooo SI, best FM ever posts, also get deleted, as they also, offer no constructive feedback. At least the criticisms go some way to pointing out faults. But, hey, we're egotistical beings and as such, like to be stroked and praised, hell, that's why I'm writing this, makes me fell like rogue badass. Delete the nice stuff, it helps no one, just promotes complacency EDIT: 'Tis a joke...However, a completely serious and legitimate point *Joking face with serious eyes*
  12. Of course the game is scripted, just in a way that it's possible to use the art of semantics to suggest that it isn't... Science is deterministic, this is science..There is currently only one thing in the entire universe that refutes the laws of science, and that's a black hole.. Unless this game is a black hole...It's scripted..Randomness doesn't exist and doesn't apply to this game, the definition is even a contradiction in and of itself. Games are dynamic, butt loads of information floating about that can effect the outcome of a particular game, and this is good. Doesn't mean the game isn't scripted though. You could be all clever and say the ME doesn't pre-create a list of scenario's to play out, therefore the game isn't scripted, but like I said, semantics.. The game might do something like this though...Tactic A, beats Tactic B, therefore, the game will "randomly" employ a sequence of scenarios to allow this to happen This is why so many people often see unrealistic and stupid things happen, almost like the game is trying to make you lose.. Sometimes keepers are superhuman, sometimes they chuck themselves on the floor as the ball bounces over them.. It's why the AI can press a button and instantly solve your tactics, so on and so forth.. It's not quite this black and white, but hey, it's this way because it can't be any other way.. It's why people get to say "It's your tactics" so much..
  13. O_O...Well, this is lame BALANTAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Seriously though, how do such things go unnoticed, and then take this long to fix
  14. I bought a player from the Argentina in January, loaned him back to the club until the end of the season as part of the transfer fee, but he won't come back.. His scheduled return keeps getting pushed back, this has been going on for over a month.. What the Juice???
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