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  1. If you managed all that without the editor then well done, that's a pretty impressive achievement. It is perhaps foolish to have such high expenditure on wages and future transfer fees but it will provide a challenge trying to avoid administration plus you'll have to keep all those stars happy, good luck with that! I can't make up my mind whether you have cheated, other than your admission about Juventus, or not. Not that what I think really matters as we all like to go about things in different ways. However just to clear up a couple of doubts in my mind would it be possible to see screenshots of the Man City and Fulham 'Landmarks'? I would be interested to see if you added managers to them as City seem to have bought half your team and Fulham have spent a good £16mill which to me (having not played as them) seems more than they would be allocated. Cheers.
  2. Strangely I am second in both with 43 bought (£259m) and 43 sold (£189m). (Few games into Season 5 with my Arsenal save)
  3. vanpersie11

    Borrowing fm09

    Get your brother to install the game on your computer, then when you see that he has his game running on your computer get him to take it off while you pop down the shop and get your copy. Can't see how that is breaking the EULA
  4. vanpersie11

    The ugliest player in FM

    There is something about Tony Mobray's face that doesn't quite seem right to me.
  5. vanpersie11

    Trial games: expanded

    Ah right. Playing as Arsenal so explains why I haven't noticed it. Cheers
  6. vanpersie11

    Trial games: expanded

    Rather than starting a new thread I might as well use this one... Was wondering, when are the trial games and how do you view them?
  7. Elevated 3D in the Classic View for me
  8. vanpersie11

    Utter Joke

    To play on FM09 for the equivalent of 250 days in little over a month is pretty impressive
  9. The amount of injuries and knocks in games has seemingly decreased for me.
  10. vanpersie11

    9.1.0 Tactics on 9.2.0 Patch!!

    Won all 3 games I have played (away to Bolton, home to Liverpool and Locomotive Moscow), not noticed anything to be worried about. Plus strikers seem to be getting better ratings which can't be a bad thing
  11. Surely if they expect you to reach the final then they expect you to come up against the stronger teams at some point anyway?
  12. Played as Arsenal, neck and neck with Chelsea in the league until midway then they fell off the pace and we stumbled enough for Man U to get back in the frame. Last few games of the season, Man U were 4 points behind. Lost away to Villa, which allowed Man U to get back to within 1 point. We both won our next game, then they lost and we drew so going into the final game we were two points clear. They were winning and we were drawing which had them top on GD, until a 86th minute strike from Fabregas to win the game and Premiership. Also won the League Cup, against Tottenham. Knocking Man U out in the Semis. Also knocked Man U out of the Semis in the FA Cup, but lost 4-2 on pens after a 1-1 draw in the final with Chelsea. Got knocked out of the Champions league in the quarters after a very poor showing in a 2-0 away defeat at Porto.
  13. vanpersie11

    Why remove it ?

    You should get the option to enter your reserves/under 18s to their leagues at the beginning of each season via a news item. Just click reject to which ever league you don't want to enter a team into. HTH
  14. vanpersie11

    Transfer Budgets

    Arsenal have around £35mill, although they do have lots of quality players already. Only a few signings needed.