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  1. I fancy an opener in Mexico's Liga MX. Or potentially Argentina/Brazil league structure, with an outside shot at Colombia if it feels competitive. I am usually tied to Ajax but enjoyed a save with Argentinos Juniors on FM18 as they had quite a nice youth link including the three MacAllister brothers. If I can find a similar scenario or potential, that might be the early winner. I have also long promised myself a first English LLM file with a local club, Blyth Spartans, but I can never quite seem to get over a lack of player graphics. Even with nigh on everything downloaded.
  2. Frequently. He won't dribble past a player as a winger would (I haven't looked at dribble stats and he's injured currently > possibly why it doesn't count?) but he will often dribble through the lines and prompt a forward pass. Or equally as often, he'll bring the ball forward and suddenly stop and play short as if he's walked into an invisible wall. But it's that forward momentum that makes a subtle difference, transitioning out of defence more urgently or prompting aggressive opponents to move out of position to close him down.
  3. The green circle is a method to represent what the game ascribes as a player's optimal role based on his attribute set. But that does not mean the player will perform any less capably in another role given to him; context is key. To give you a practical example: I have a player who is a full-circle deep lying playmaker, a half-circle halfback. He's not a natural halfback, lacks the defensive aspects and has no real aerial ability. But I use him as a halfback. Why? Because his ball retention is second-to-none, passing and vision dynamic, and his dribbling ability combined with a 'brings ba
  4. 'The WM' - 2021-22 This thread is mightily quiet, have users moved on? So, prefacing 2021-22 from the previous thread, I went into this season with dissatisfaction. The 'WM', whilst successful, had begun to lose its lustre in 2020-21; occasional insipid play, just a little 'dry' against increasingly defensive opponents. So I made changes: The formation on the left is what I was using, the one on the right what it became. The aim was to remove the symmetry of the base formation and increase variety. Putting more emphasis on runs from deep (CWB(a), BBM), less emphasis on
  5. This has always been my take on shouts; a well-aimed comment here and there, rather than repeatedly. Purely speculation, but I have always assumed there is some control - let's call it a 'timer' for sake of description - that proportionately increases/lessens the effectiveness of a shout the less/more it is used. Whether that applies to each shout individually or all shouts, unknown. That follows on from the logic I use to approach team talks; the more a certain talk is used > the less effective it can become > variety and timing is key.
  6. If you navigate to your squad and click on your desired player, then click on their 'development' dropdown menu, the 'discuss trait to add' option is just under their player traits info. Or within the training menu, when on the individual training dropdown make sure that it is set to 'detailed' (yours is on 'list'), then select your player and you'll again see the 'discuss trait to add' option.
  7. 'The WM' - 2020-21 I'll aim to keep this update relatively brief, as I'm short on time. After coming within a penalty kick of a quadruple in 2019-20, season three proved altogether less accommodating. The campaign started in the vein the previous had ended, a defeat on penalties to PSV in the Schaal, and an early defeat in the league at last season's rivals Feyenoord. The squad was on edge; David Raya and Donny van de Beek unhappy after being tapped up and this really had an early impact. Raya didn't get back into the groove until November, whereas Van de Beek was often 'disenchanted' dur
  8. In isolation: with his high tariffs for tackling, anticipation, decisions and his physicals - and workable positioning - he'd be a halfback for me. With the caveat that I would be concerned about the third of his PPM's. As a second option, box-to-box midfielder to utilise his first PPM, physical fitness and solid all-round game. I wouldn't entertain a '6' finisher as a mezzala personally, as that is a role where I want a good finisher to contribute heavily to the team's goalscoring prowess.
  9. One way to overcome your dilemma is to take a reference manager and implement his tactical style and preferred formation. Then you are working towards one common goal, with some nuances, and have no need to flip-flop between styles and formations. Find an historical team or manager that interests you, research how they went about playing football and try to implement it. And the more offbeat the better, as you will have less reference material to work with from these forums to guide you (i.e. not another 433...). Personally, I don't even look at the players I have at my disposal at t
  10. In-game, usually very little - minor tweaks. The one semi-regular change I make pre-game is dropping the line of engagement and defensive line, and also removing 'prevent short GK distribution' if I am facing stronger opposition where I feel I may be outmatched. This is a double-edged sword though, as a lot of the success of the 'WM' (my version of) is, I feel, in the high pressing and limiting passing options. The drop back does stabilise the chance to be caught out by accurate long balls, but the negative is that it can make it easier for opponents to get in positions where an accurate
  11. He was transfer listed for that amount, found him purely by chance. Delighted to pick him up really, can't turn away an academy graduate with a lot of scope for development. Along with Overmars picking up Proper for peanuts, Hoever is probably my favourite deal to-date. It'd be great to see others trying the shape out, as there are many ways you can approach the roles. Assuming their atts aren't too variable, you may have some decent HB options already in the squad. Both Van Gelderen and Schuurs did a solid job for me in season 1, before I picked up my two Italian playmakers
  12. Yes, certainly. The 'WM' is the only formation I'll be using during this save. Defensive performance. Overall, it is good and very stable. 15 Eredivisie goals conceded in 2018-19 and 20 in 2019-20. I did have some troubles in the away Champions League games last season though, and also once or twice in the Eredivisie. I put that down to increased squad rotation and having inferior players on the pitch more often, in addition to some changes to the squad, as well as some unique situations in the Champions League where I was defending large leads in the knockouts. I could also do more with
  13. I've just finished pre-season and started digging into season three, 2020-21. Keeping to my plans, the off-season was about squad trimming. Veltman was the main loss, allowed to leave after 'achieving all he could'. Passed up on signing a replacement to promote Van Gelderen from his jack-of-all-trades role into the dedicated backup to De Ligt. After three Eredivisie goals in two seasons, I wasn't seeing enough from assist-king Kaastrup and allowed him to depart for £9.5m and 40% future sale profit. With Ekkelenburg now firmly established as the MEZ(a), I also moved on Xadas and prom
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