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  1. Whenever I try to test a competition which uses custom "fixture plan rules" I get the below error and a crash dump. The same happens in the 2020 editor. Example file attached, in stage 2 of the only competition in the file. bigtest.fmf
  2. Example Club A based in country X playing in Country Y Club B based in country Z also playing in Country Y WIth default settings, when setting squad rules, e.g. max 10 foreign players, Club A is allowed players from country X or Y and Club B is allowed players from country Z or Y. Is it possible for Club A to only have country X considered non-foreign and for Club B to only have country Z considered non-foreign Basically what I am asking is can you make the host nation of this division a 'foreign' country in terms of squad selection and first 11 rules
  3. Couldn't find that particular thing in the FAQs but I've solved now anyway. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys. I'm a big editor but never used the forums before... Where in the advanced editor do I go about setting the TV money for individual fixtures in the FA Cup? I've had to recreate it to include down to English L10. Cheers!
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