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  1. Why is that? Three Bundesliga titles in a row, again leading the pack after the first day. Two Cup wins in three years. Reached semi-finals in the Champions League four times in a row, including one title. Oh, and yes: I will start a game with Bayern München, too, as my first save ;-)
  2. Should be simple, yet no fix in nearly five months
  3. Wrong. The attacker went for the ball, which makes him offside. Touch or no touch doesn't matter.
  4. This thread reminds me that all-time statistics for the competitions (like games played and goals) are really missing in FM. How great would it be to see that great goalscorer come along to break that EPL record of 369 goals by John Smith that had been standing for nearly 478 years?
  5. Hertha BSC Berlin or Union Berlin. It's a shame that this incredible city hasn't had a relevant football club since basically forever. Last German Championship by a Berlin club was in 1931 (Hertha)!! Well, there was BFC Dynamo Berlin in Eastern Germany, but nobody wants to remember that really.
  6. Well, Bavaria is very rural, which you have to consider. People are conservative and football coaches/fans/players are conservative as well. But in the Bayernliga (5th level) and Landesliga (6th) all the teams play modern systems, of course. But that has nothing to do with typical grassroots football. These clubs have players who all get paid and practice four or five times a week.
  7. God, no! It took, I don't know, 20 years for 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 systems with a flat four to finally appear in the lowest leagues. Forget about that modern stuff. Coaches at the grassroots level are extremely conservative in Germany, even when they are relatively young, i.e. in their late 20s. Coaches actually have to have a license which has to be renewed every couple of years at a training course with theoretical and practical lectures. So they in fact do know about modern tactical advancements and even learn how to implement them in their coaching. They just rarely do it... The coaches know they would have to teach their players totally new stuff, because, frankly, 80% of Germany's youth players are coached by their dads or the dad of a teammate, who simply can't teach football. They have no idea how a flat four at the back would work. Then there's also the factor of the "Altinternationalen", as I call them. The old guys watching every home and most away games of their local club from the sidelines, paying 2.50 Euro for the right to shout and insult everybody who moves. They too don't understand modern football and are the first to attack the coach if he dared to implement new things they haven't seen before. It can be a nightmare, trust me. By the way, the leading people of your club (i.e. the President) may be Altinternationale, too, which only complicates the whole matter. To cut it short: In most rural places here in Germany you are best off playing a variation of 3-5-2/5-3-2. Everybody understands it, no one will question your tactical integrity, even if you lose. Just to give you an example: I play in northern Bavaria at the 10th level (of 11) and two out of the 14 teams in our league (called "A-Klasse") play a flat four at the back. All the others play with three and a Libero. And one of those with a flat four was hilarous to watch at points. They had a young coach who gave this a try, but he had to use his classic "Manndeckers". So he ended up with a total idiot at left back. The guy had TONS of room in front of him whenever they had the ball because we always dropped deep. But he never crossed the centre line because the ball was his biggest enemy. It was hilarious. And painful. So yeah, no Gegenpressing in my league anytime soon Btw, I laugh about this and criticize this because I consider myself a rather modern football player who is, sadly, surrounded by dinosaurs and teammates who don't even know how to defend space let alone have the vision to find you 10 metres next to them
  8. Yes, the game needs customizability. It is encouraging that the database structure was changed for more flexibility. But we need to be able to create a dynamic world. Fact of the matter is that especially North American hockey is really dynamic in terms of teams folding or relocating and leagues expanding or changing their structure. That was an area which EHM was always lacking tremendously. If the franchise wants to take the next step, this is a must in my opinion.
  9. Same thing happened to me, see this post a couple of weeks ago: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/420746-Probably-the-most-insane-regen-you-have-ever-seen....!!!?p=10190853#post10190853
  10. And it wouldn't be overly realistic either. The NHL has ruled forever now and there's no indication that any country might be able to surpass the NHL any time soon.
  11. On the roster screen of any team: When you try to sort the players by Average Rating or Form you always get the worst at the top. It should be the other way round, just as it was with the old EHMs. And connected to this: If you sort your players so that it shows the guys with the highest Average Ratings at the top and you leave the screen and the go back to it, the game doesn't remember it and you have the worst guys at the top again.
  12. Oh my god, I just realized that 6pm GMT is 7pm here in Germany. That's when my football practice starts. The RAGE!!!
  13. I can't believe this. Is it the 1st of April already?
  14. No, Columbia never was active and still isn't. So no interference from there.
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