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  1. The right formation should be.. . .............................ST ............................AMC .............................MC ............................DMC ....................LB.CD.CD.CD.RB .............................SW .............................GK
  2. Thanks to all those who responded. I'll try Steam and the other solution that shall not be named.
  3. It didn't help that I bought it the day before my flight, everything was a rush, and it probably explained why I didn't spend enough 'quality time' perusing the box. And I didn't have the time nor the internet connection to install the game before I left. Should've tried. Curious to see if it would actually install.
  4. This is what I'm beginning to suspect as well. I can't go back to Singapore now, and also it's way past its 7-day return policy. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Singapore is definitely not part of "Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar" LOL There must be other players in the Southeast Asian region affected. As I have stated above, the proper distribution of the game is Sega's responsibility. If a retailer parallel import games for higher margin, then go after them. Not us honest paying customers. Kind of ironic now as I'm reading an article on FM2013's piracy last year.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/g5lodlco3ohhmxv/backofbox.jpg Come on guys, tell me honestly how many of you read every miniature detail at the back of every game box in your rush to buy the game on its release day. Nobody can wait to play the game, much less read the instruction manual. Besides, I travel around, bought many games in one place and install it in another. First time I had this problem!
  6. And how can it 'clearly' says it's region locked, when the warning box is at the back and its wordings are so small? Do SEGA expect customers to flip over every game box and read its pin-sized details?
  7. Just got this from Sega. Absolutely speechless. My receipt sent to them clearly stated my place of purchase as in Singapore. So then why is this "Thailand, Laos etc" version available for purchase in Singapore? Shouldn't this be Sega's responsibility? Hello, if you look at the back of the box it clearly says: "This game is region locked and cannot be activated through Steam outside of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar." Since this is clearly stated on the box, we can only suggest referring back to the place of purchase for further assistance. We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience but we cannot assist you further on this occasion. Best regards, Product Support SEGA Europe Ltd.
  8. Can someone from SI Games respond to this legit problem? I've been buying FM every year since Championship Manager days (Yes, I'm that old). This is not the way to treat a loyal and die hard customer. I would perfectly understand if there is some pre-warning on region lock for this year's release and would steer clear from buying. But there was absolutely no warning whatsoever. Demo downloaded and played perfectly, so why locked me out from installing a legitimately paid version?
  9. Hi, long time follower of FM and lurker here. Bought FM every year since like stone age. Now I can't install FM2014 that I bought in Singapore after I returned to Japan. Steam says the game isn't available in this region. I'll be based here for another 3 months. Do not want to wait till next year to return to Singapore to install the game. Contacted Sega UK and was asked to contact local retailer. But I bought it from a brick and mortar game store. It would at most require a return of the boxed game, but its policy is one-week return/refund only. What should I do? Demo downloaded and played perfectly. What's happening?
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