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  1. If you could have any player you wanted with money as no object and they wanted to play for you, who would you have at each position? Which formation would you use and what would your best 11 be? Premiere League.
  2. It's not that common to loan players out and expect the other club to pay a fee ontop of salary wages. Sometimes its hard enough as it is to get clubs to pay the salary wages much less a fee as well. It depends on the club competition level you're trying to loan out to. If for example you're trying to loan out a 20 year old striker who is ready for Premier League level soccer, to a Championship team who is on the bottom half of the table, you may be able to get them to pay a fee ontop of the salary wages but don't expect it. Problem is, you aren't doing that player any favors by doing
  3. The 5 star CA and PA ratings are what my coaches see him as in comparison to the rest of my squad. I just finished my season and he scored 60 total goals for the year. 40 of them in the Premier League. He's unbelievable. This was my end of year thread I made with stats, the table results, etc.
  4. Just finished up my 2nd season with Man Utd. Great training, great coaching, great tactics leads to a great season! Some highlights and stats: I built my tactic and It complemented my players to their strengths and how I wanted to play football. The tactic download -> Attacking 4-2-3-1 Wide - Incredible Gegenpress.fmf Table results The stats The players The lovely silverware I will just say that I have never seen such an electrifying Striker as Erling Haland. He scores 60 tota
  5. Here's the situation. I'm halfway through my 2nd season with Man Utd, and here is Paul Pogba. My captain. My best player of the team. A leader and an extremely influential player on the club. He's 27 years old with a birthday coming up. The current date is Dec 29th 2020. His contract expires 6/30/22. I feel like I need to make a decision this year on him, and not wait until his final year. 1. Do I give him a new contract? It would have to be 5 years and probably $450,000 per week, along with incentives. 2. Do I try to sell him? I do potentially have a r
  6. I just had a crash during a match and wanted to report it. Thanks. It's attached. FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.30 15.21.47).dmp
  7. Yea I have a few tactics that I use that I made. The one above that @3runhomer posted. I also have this one. -> joejccva71s_4-1-4-1_attacking_and_winninga380cabb6488d6a6_136947.fmf And I use this counter attacking one that I made as well when you play tougher teams. -> Joejccva71's 5-3-2 Counter Attack.fmf My username over at FMScout is joejccva71. Let me know if any of these tactics work for you. I can help you make adjustments also.
  8. Also I have found that using Overlap against a team that has high pressure and good marking / tackling doesn't work too well. While your wingers hold up the ball, the opposition is putting on the pressure and can lead to interceptions, which leads to huge counter attacks. I like using Underlap with shorter passing better, they pass around the ball until a player can get into a lane. Works better IMO.
  9. Yea I ended up getting Real Madrid in the Champions League Group Stage, and I've beat them twice. Also beat Barcelona as well. I'm currently 13-0-0 in my EPL season and haven't lost or drawn yet. Seems to work really well, but I don't know if it's my lineup or the tactic ..or both together.
  10. You have to set his responsibilities in the Staff section, otherwise he won't do anything unless you tell him to. Also keep in mind, I've done a test with a DoF and set his necessary attributes to max (20 rating), and had him go out and try to get good players on his own. He doesn't. He made some seriously stupid signings and ontop of that the contracts he made were a bit ridiculous. Huge loyalty bonuses that ended up screwing you if you wanted to sell that player later on. So I tested it further and I started doing the contracts myself and I was able to get the player to sign with WA
  11. Just beat Real Madrid using the same tactic and won 3-0. Eden Hazard got injured but Rashford on my side got sent off at the 76 minute mark so I had to hold them off. What a satisfying win! Uploaded some screenshots and the PKM of the match. Real Madrid v Man Utd.pkm
  12. Yea they counter attack, but the wingbacks are pretty fast that they always get back and cover enough. It's worked so far. Liverpool and Man City tried to heavily counter me but it didn't work.
  13. I haven't lost yet in 2nd season and conceded only 1 goal so far. Half way through. Liverpool destroyed, Man City destroyed, Arsenal destroyed and I beat Barcelona 5-1 in the Super Cup. And I beat Bayern Munich in the preseason lol. Not sure why my staff scheduled to play them during preseason but they started all their normal players. THIS GUY IS A FREAKING MONSTER.
  14. To answer some of your questions: 1. The path into First Team is that for Gomes, he has Marcus Rashford ahead of him at Left Wing. Or, he could play Attacking Midfielder, but he has Bruno Fernandes ahead of him. I mean I could possibly get him 10-15 games together out of both positions. Rashford has been playing like crap lately so definitely a good possibility. 2. For Chong, his path is uncertain because Mason Greenwood is ahead of him at Right Wing, and Greenwood is an absolute monster for me. Such a great talent and he's doing well. So I don't know what to do about Chong
  15. So I have a problem, but I think it's a good problem to have. I manage Man Utd. First season is done. I don't know what to do with Angel Gomes (19 yrs old) and Tahith Chong (18 yrs old). Both are 2 stars CA and 4-5 stars PA. They're doing really well in training. They're too good for my U23 squad, but I don't have a spot for them in my First Team squad. I assume loan them out, but what club would be best for these guys? Obviously the Premiere League as my coach says they're on that level. I don't want them to be a "Squad Player" right? Cause then they won't get much s
  16. It all depends if YOU feel you're cheating yourself. I mean no one else is going to accuse you of cheating, tie you to a tree and beat you with a stick if that's what you're asking.
  17. I don't know. I get punished when I use high pressure Attacking mentalities against tougher teams. I have to drop to cautious and hope for them to make a mistake. There's only 2 maybe 3 teams that I need to do this for, the rest basically it's just overwhelming them.
  18. Yea Gegenpressing is pretty easy to engage. It's basically just counter press instead of regroup, high tempo and pressure attacking. You can do anything else you want to in your instructions but those are the main aspects. Fluid Counter Attacking beats Gegenpressing though. Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal will switch up on you in the middle of a match to counter attacking when they see you're running a Gegenpress. I've seen it happen many times where I'm doing okay against them, and then boom all of sudden they're getting tons of chances and counters on me leaving me extremely v
  19. I have created a tactic that works for how I want to play football. It works very well. It spreads out the defense which lets my players create chances. - You don't need to Play out of the defense when you have Ball Playing Defenders. - I'm using Shorter Passing, Overlaps on both sides, Attacking Fullbacks, a creative and amazing Defensive Playmaker, Pogba who does Pogba things, and I CREATE CHANCES. There is no playing up through the middle where your shots are bouncing off the players as they throw themselves into the path of shots. It's about spr
  20. Yea I wished the other shouts worked. So far Demand More, Praise, Show Some Passion, and Get Creative are the only ones that really work I think.
  21. Thing is about players that are complacent or uninterested. If it's not even halftime yet and I'm up 4-0 against a club, and players like De Gea, Pogba, and Martial are all Complacent because we're beating the crap out of the other team, I'm not going to sub them out. Players get complacent when they destroy weaker teams. I've never seen them get complacent when I'm up 3-0 against Liverpool or Man City, etc.
  22. To be fair I disagree with your #2 point. If you play wide , instructing wingers to stay wide and use shorter passing, it spreads out a defense to where passes in the middle have nice openings for shots. I've seen a ton of blocks when defensive teams play in their narrow shell, and offenses aren't spreading them out enough. But your other points are good. Game definitely needs the shooting angles into the sidenets patched badly.
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