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  1. That's a rarity nowadays with so many crucial infos in player profile. Big like and hopefully will see a release version
  2. As SI hides some useful infos which would make everyone's life easier if seen without buying their editor which they are trying to monetize by calling some stats hidden and deliberately hiding the pro-con panel from the default skin, I wanted a skin to show me every useful information they are hiding because of their laziness / monetization policy. So, as a complete beginner in xml editing, I have started to add to the TCS skin the PRO-CON panel I've found at HEFFEM to a player profile panel I've found in Livid by Entreaty or in Material skin by Budweiser and further adding different panels from Rensie, YACS, OPZ and TAD Twenty because all of them are offering informations I can't refuse to get rid of so I needed to keep together their trademark panels and I say a big thank you for all those involved in making them: At some point during my Hertha save I wanted to change the team but obviously struggled to find a club to fit my style because the default skin wouldn't show you anything about another club's vision and policies, another very important infos hidden by our dear SI because they are too lazy to add them to their default skin. So I kept YACS's club panel because, at that moment, I didn't know how make that scrollable list to be visible for any club: Finally, as most of FM veterans who would like to make their in-game decisions based on the detailed match stats, without endlessly clicking here and there to find for ex. the clear-cut chances, I was not happy either with the match screen which is honestly an official "WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU" message from the honorable SI, so I finally managed to have Rensie's match panels in the same time with a match titlebar which is not from the default skin and which wouldn't break the panels: Obviously, because I'm responsible only for finding a method to put them together without irreversibly breaking something, the mentioned skin creators have the complete rights over these panels and will have access to it whenever they would want that. So, this compilation of panels is not for public download because I didn't even asked the skin creators for that and never expected to get so close to an acceptable skin, but I'm more than happy to share with everyone the PRO CON panel, hoping our dear SI would at least consider enabling it in their next releases. PS: I won't change the title of this thread no matter the consequences on my forum account, IP, etc. because I want this to be a message to the game creators, who will most likely make visible some of the hidden stats and would call it a feature in the next FM's... player scout report small procons.xml
  3. love that developement centre icon
  4. I have moved Rensie's match panels in the default TCS skin and some other player/staff panels in their respective folders but I don't know to hide those titles. What can I do to hide those overlapping titles?
  5. @Wozzie I took the liberty to modify few things here and there and you should add at least the preferred clubs to the profile. I'll give you later the other panels I'm going to change to fit my preferences. meanwhile translation_id="242534" should show the pressing style but it's actually showing 2nd preferred formation human profile.xml
  6. I hear the WIN error sound when reloading the skin but still works. I guess it's from match title bar or the header file as I have copied them to my skin to further edit etc.
  7. Don't know but I'm happy I can see a face TBH. Have a look at my new assistant and Press officer from Hertha...
  8. what's the skin you are using? (most of the skins avoided to edit the match screens)
  9. Thank you @Alexpuk2002 What files do I need to have to see the national badge, too?
  10. Tad's skin looks incredible. Do you know if he has is plans to improve the infamous Match full time review?
  11. I have started with Hertha in a custom start date from february 2020 and forgot to un-tick "disable first window tranfer budget" so now I'm stuck until January 2021 window with the 2019 squad and I think I need a tactic suitable for a slow ST like Piatek or Selke, who will come back in summer 2021. So probably a tactic with 2 strikers, big man - little man, would be the best choice and maybe would need a backup, too, using him as a lone striker. @knap what tactic would you recommend? P.S. I also have very fast wingers/IF/little mans: Cunha / Dilrosun, some very good BWMs, DLPs and Duda who is undropable, so I might rethink a bit and would suit a 451 / 4123 / 4231 TM with BWM-DLP and that incredible Duda who can play as an CMa/MEz/AM
  12. I have also downloaded the NATION.zip and overwrited all the panels in my edited skin but somehow the stadium is not showing on nation overview. I have the FMT stadium pack in the /graphics folder as shown in SS2.
  13. 1. Getting that bugged report after 20.4 update and it's happening in most of the skins. What's the name of the panel and what can be done to fix it? 2. Meanwhile, I don't know if someone remembers that in 20.0-20.1-ish the scout report was showing you a bit more details about the next opp.'s tactic - i.e. the short version of the roles like DM(s) instead of the long name which is not that useful for me. My wild guess is this can be done by editing this widget in the "team report scout report overview" file. <widget class="pitch_with_tactics" id="tacP" icon_flags="show_name,use_player_kits_front" player_icon_file="player icons/team report" pitch_draw_markings="true" line_width="1.4" pitch_line_colour="white"> <boolean id="vertical" value="false" /> <boolean id="pitch_is_read_only" value="true" /> <boolean id="pitch_draw_grass" value="false" /> </widget> PS - sorry for my bad English team report scout report overview.xml
  14. I have used a DLP with direct passing instructions in the previous match engines and thought it was an exploit because of his "tomahawk" passes. I struggled to keep the tactic though because I got either tired to permanent tweak it depending on opposition / was too loyal to some players and this limited my options / don't have a broad tactical knowledge. But definetely going to implement it in my new Hertha Berlin save with a squad ready to be overhauled and certain Arne Mayer ready to go next level Edit: What do you think about changing the DM to a VOL(s) and the LW as W(s/a)?
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