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  1. For anyone interested, I've found the code in Tad&Twenty FM20 skin https://www.fmscout.com/a-tad20.html <widget class="label" font="label" auto_size="vertical"> <translation id="text" translation_id="466531" type="use" value="Tactical Style[COMMENT: FR 23334; tactics panel; title for a button to allow the user to choose a tactical style]" /> </widget> <widget class="tactical_style_label" id="leTF" size="large" alignment="left,bottom" auto_size="vertical"> <reco
  2. @Capitaoyou might also check if those players are injury prone - this can be done by your staff who have 15+ JPA. You will also want your physios to have discipline higher than 8-9.
  3. Regarding realsitic weather mod, It's the 2nd time in 2 weeks this game it's postponed due to waterlogged pitch (they are from Catalonia). Is it normal for that region of Spain?
  4. I cannot be more than happy for that as I'm tired to combine the best panels from different skins every year for my personal peace of mind. This year wasn't an exception again as I have used old Yacs human profile, wannachup's player profile (until FME 3.0) along with lots of other panels from Flut, TCS, OPZ and so on because they complete each other So, back to topic, I like FLUT's ideas regarding the club overview (mainly the way he splitted the key people and also the flag/location) but I changed some things to make it "lighter" as it seemed also too heavy due to that city pic which I
  5. you can download mods using steamworkshopdownloader
  6. Following this mini-failure by being a bit too overzealous, I have decided to select your "Thanos file" along with these files from Dave's thread and start around December 20th: With this setup it's seems the "nuclear" option is a bit too powerful because, while it succesfully blocks the winter transfer window, it also creates the problem of extending player's contracts for everyone and these are a lot more than in the regular saves: Meanwhile, regarding the managers file, it seems that Zidane's profile is made by a VERY ANGRY madridista: Speaking of extremely angr
  7. When are you expecting to release it? (I'm going to restart as the that save seems too ridiculous)
  8. The regular FM start date for european clubs is on July 1st 2020 (01.07.2020), but you can start even earlier if selecting Belarus. Wasn't my case as I have started 7 months later on Feb 1st 2021 (01.02.2021), 1st day after winter transfer window, for much more realism (I was looking after a 20th placed Sheffield tbh, but settled with Utrecht). That basically means I have jumped 2 transfer windows and was forward to the 3rd one (according to SI) but my 1st one according to my start. Sadly there was an SI bug/file conflict as the game interpreted my wish to have 1st (or 3rd?) transfer win
  9. Started with Utrecht on 01.02.2021 by selecting a Brazilian start date and disabled 1st window transfer budget with all of these files via FMscout pack: At the end of season, before July 1st, I managed to make some transfers and had around ~6.5 Mil still avaialable but all of these money was wiped after July 1st for me and for everyone who had a mini window like italian, french and german teams. Sadly, the english teams did not have any posibility to buy/sell someone. So what happened? Should I expect the same behaviour the next window(s) => delete save and restart?
  10. @knapcan you share your SUS tactic I've seen some glimpses of it? I guess it would be porbably better if mentioning it in the 1st post.
  11. I'm considering migrating from the 352 I'm playing with Sheffield to a 41212 tbh because the central CD seems useless and might offer better stability if moved in a CDM position. Still not considering wingers because I would need to buy at least 4 in a window which is not too flavoured. So I guess, I'm going to test a 41212 version of Argus as I'm 100% sure I'm not going to renounce to my 2 shiny strikers
  12. Do you allow whoever wants to put it on fmbase/fmarena for testing? (you sholud do it but I'm just offering my help) Meanwhile it needs some tweaks on defensive setpieces
  13. Can anyone please export the equivalent of scoreboard panel (and the subsequents left and right) from the highlights mode? Basically, I'd love an almost identical scoreboard for normal match:
  14. I'm trying to get tactical style on human profile.xml from Rensie's skin, but I'm struggling to understand what is wrong because it's not appearing even if moved in one of the upper rows. I've checked on OPZ skin if the id="npTs" is correct and seems to be the right one <!-- Pitch --> <widget class="non_player_tactics_overview_panel" file="none" id="tact" default_width="-1"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt" /> <integer id="set_property" value="objt" /> </record> <layout class="stick_to_sides_att
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