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  1. I haven't any adjustment to the back line. I setup my team as standard mentality and leave the line normal. I don't currently setup my defence depending on attributes, I am still in my first season so haven't been able to change much. Now that i'm happy with the tactic I have made I will be buying players to fit within.
  2. I am currently playing with my back 4 setup like this: Left Right FB - S CD - D CD - C FB - A I have both full backs set to play wider and tight mark. The right sided CD is set to cover so he drops a little deeper and cuts out balls played in behind. I'm not suggesting this is an idea setup but it seems to be working for me :-)
  3. Pre patch: I was seriously struggling and couldn't seem to make anything work. I was conceding plenty and really struggling to score therefore I gave up hoping the patch may help. Post patch: I have put together a tactic for my Liverpool save, played 11 games and currently sit 2nd in the table, 1 point behind Arsenal. I have scored 21 goals and conceded 12. The goals I have scored have only been assisted with crosses 6 times. 5 of the 12 goals I have conceded have been assisted with crosses. I have setup using my favourite formation 4-1-2-3 and so far I am achieving what I wanted i.e. my striker being my main goal threat, closely followed by my left inside forward. Maybe I'm missing something but I really don't see any glaringly obvious issues with the ME and I am thoroughly enjoying the game so far.
  4. Whilst you are in the game you can press F12 to screenshot and then can upload your screenshots using imgur.
  5. That is true in a real life scenario but I want to know what impact it has in the game. I imagine it will have some but how much i'm not sure. I've tried various different tactics and played with each extensively, but I never seem to find a balance and always struggle to get the goals from my striker. This is something I am spending endless time reading on the tactics section so i'm sure I will get there. No doubt there will be some changes to the ME which usually have an effect on how certain tactics perform so I am going to wait for the update before trying again. My main issue or questions remains that detailed in the thread title
  6. Evening all, To date I have only tried to manage my beloved Liverpool side on this years version of FM. I am ashamed to say I have failed at it on each occasion. I did manage to win the Europa League but finished 8th in the league so I view this as failure. I have failed to get any level of consistency in my team, struggle to keep good morale and also struggle with every tactic I have tried to build. I am now starting to question whether coaching badges and past playing experience plays a part in my struggles? I always start with no coaching badges and sunday league experience because anything else is simply not true. I'm one of those people who would feel as if i'm cheating if a said I had a Continental Pro License and was an ex international footballer (i'm not retired from international duty though if Roy Hodgson fancies giving me a run in the sticks ). Does this have an impact on my struggles and if so, how much? Once the winter update is released I plan on starting a save at the very bottom of English football and doing a long term career, working my way up through the leagues, collecting my coaching badges on the way. This to me feels more realistic and will also be a nice challenge and change to my Liverpool attempts. I suppose my question is, am I just very bad at this game or are my starting settings making life difficult for myself? Thanks
  7. I've now decided to start my save using the following tactic. In theory, should this be workable in terms of movement and general build up etc? I know it will depend alot on the players I put within the tactic but I suppose I just want a starting point.
  8. When I create a tactic I tend to create 2 alternative versions using different team instructions and strategies etc. The purpose being to ensure that when I make changes mid game the team are comfortable with a slight change of style. I started doing this a few versions ago. Does this still work and would you say it's still necessary?
  9. I have tried to make a 4231 for my Liverpool save. I have come up with this. Any feedback or immediately obvious issues?
  10. I went into the 2nd season having made the above changes and I thought things were going ok beating man utd 2-0 in the opening game. Things got worse from there. Was only getting an average of 1 goal per game whilst conceding more than 1 per game on average. As you can imagine that just saw me falling down the league and as a result restarting today. Can anyone suggest anything that will turn the above tactic into a working usable tactic? I can live with conceding a goal a game but I would like to be scoring on average 2 per game so I need to change something. What I don't want to do is make changes for the sake of it if they are not going to work. I keep looking at the tactic and really can't see where or how I can improve it. Thinking back to what Ozil said yesterday, when I made those adjustments the possession did increase quite significantly. I'm think maybe just lowering the tempo slightly so the team are more patient in build up. Changing my WB(s) to FB(s) to try and strengthen the left side. Ozil did suggest lower the IF to support duty but I don't want to take away the IF goal scoring threat. I don't really have many specialised positions so was thinking to go to a fluid strategy shape or if I leave it on flexible I could add the instruction 'roam from positions'. I'm happy with the defensive line and I think if I increase that I will be at risk of even more crosses resulting in goals for the opposition. I have considered using pass into space instruction but I read elsewhere that if teams are playing compact and quite defensive there won't be space to pass into so I will just ending giving the ball away. Any help will really be appreciated. I have tried numerous different formations but I always end up coming back to this one as it is my favourite shape and I think it suits Liverpool quite well with the players at my disposal.
  11. Thanks Ozil. I will try the shorter passing and the tempo slightly lower. I will leave the retain possession instruction off as this affects both of them. I have left the full back on the left side the same as I have changed the left CM to B2B and he should contribute more to defending than the AP (s) would have. As you suggested I will change the CM(a) to AP(a). This may be quite a good move anyway as during games I often found that the CM(a) was playing alongside my striker which I suppose then means he won't support him and provide for him as much. Any suggestions on improving my goal scoring with Sturridge or do you think the above changes may help in that department?
  12. I thought I had finally put in place a good tactic which worked well. To some extent it did but then it all went wrong mid way through the first season. I tried to keep things quite simple in terms of team instructions etc. I will post the tactic first and the TI's followed by the goal analysis from my league games. Anything else you need let me know an I will attach it. It was a very mixed season, eventually stumbling to eighth in the league but managing to win the Europa league. I want to play quite a patient passing game. Not so patient that it is boring and sideways passing hence the reason my passing and tempo is mixed. One of the main problems I had was scoring goals. To start with I was scoring lots of goals using Benteke but as soon as Sturridge came back the goals dried it. I plan to sell Benteke and keep Sturridge so I need to get more from him. I started the season using 2 wing backs but I found that most of the goals I was conceding were from my right back area so I changed him to fullback support. I like to use a CM(a) as they get forward and chip in with goals. I want to dominate play in the opposition half so used an advanced playmaker(s). The idea of the inside forwards is to exploit the space created by the deep lying forward. Clearly something is not working as I hoped. I would appreciate any help and feedback you can give. I don't think massive changes are needed, perhaps I'm wrong. Thanks
  13. Really happy to see this thread and makes very interesting reading. Personally my favorite setup is the 41221 and hopefully I can implement some ideas from this thread to help me build a system using that formation. Goals and chances are something I've struggled with this year and I've never really considered playing with an attacking mentality unless losing. I've just started to try to put something together and ended up with a Regista, a B2B midfielder and a CM on attack. Now when I think that I will be using an attacking mentality, would I be right in thinking that setup is possibly too attacking? I like the idea of the regista, again something I've not really tried too much. If I drop the CM attack to support I will then have 3 players all on a support duty which I believe would limit movement etc. Dilemmas already
  14. Cheers. I am determined to make this work one way or the other lol. Herne is right that I have been tinkering without putting too much thought into it. I've spent endless hours trying to think about it without success I will change some of the settings back and see how we go. I put the work ball into the box to ensure we don't have too many long shots, not that I have seen that happening yet so I will remove it for now. The extra width probably doesn't make sense because that takes my wide players further away from my lone striker which probably explains the low pass completion from the AML. I will revert back to balanced for now. I have changed the fullback attack to support following what got mentioned earlier on and to be honest I have been having alot of shots against me and CCC's. As you mentioned I have increased the closing down because this is actually a style I prefer anyway. I am going play a few games tomorrow using the below setup and see how I get on. If you have any suggestions on further changes, I welcome them
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