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    Hey guys!! So I'm finally back on this after a break from Football Manager!

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    I'm just your average lad. 26 years old football and gaming mad! Season ticket holder at Watford!

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  1. Enjoying this thread so far. Keep up the good work
  2. Game: FM17 Age: 27 Timezone: GMT London When can you play: Evening & weekends
  3. info provided

    Yes the back up save does load
  4. info provided

    how do I check for OneDrive? Sorry i'm not the most technical person in the world
  5. info provided

    I am on Windows 10 and have Windows defender as my AV. Hope this information helps.
  6. info provided

    Started the game 2 days ago and loaded up fine last night come to it this morning and now this has happened, This is the 3rd save its happened on and its very frustrating.
  7. Hope somebody can help me!! Every time i save my game and then go to come back online later there is no last game to load and the save is gone i'll attach a screenshot, hoping someone can help.
  8. Good luck my friend. Look forward to the updates from this FORZA JUVE
  9. Changyung Yatai or something in China. Odion Igahlo plays for them and me being a Watford fan would love to see someone progress with them.
  10. That formation looks beautiful.
  11. Hi guys! Thinking of creating an online game possibly in the premiership or championship wondering what numbers would be interested for a regular evening/weekend game?
  12. In my Swansea save currently I am unbeaten against United in 3 seasons. It's Arsenal I seem to struggle with and funnily enough Sunderland are my bogey team.
  13. I have this same issue mate!! It's driving me insane!
  14. Depends what position you're looking for mate?