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  1. What club, season, budget etc...bit more information would help people give suggestions
  2. If you transfer list or offer out the player then it indicates to clubs that you want rid, why would they offer asking price or above? The winger in the championship may have had higher potential, a longer contact and be an important player to the selling team so they will demand a higher fee. The clubs accepting fee's I'm not so sure about, but in my Go Ahead Eagles save I'm in the Eredivisie and if any of the top domestic clubs make offers for my players I ask for a higher fee compared to foreign teams, same with clubs/managers I dislike (either in game or real life). Maybe the player h
  3. You could fit him into the CM(d) in your 442 or the BWM spot in the 4141 with PIs to encourage him to play more direct passing and take more risks and see if that works. I have a 4141 counter tactic that uses a DLP in the DM position and I've trained the exact same PPMs into him as your player plus the dictates tempo trait and as mentioned he kind of sits and plays like a QB distributing the ball. With good decision making (as your player has also) when the ball over the top is on he often launches it for my quick CF or into the channels for the wide players, if not he keeps it simple and
  4. Depends how you want to use them I would say. I've done different types of saves. One where the DoF finds, negotiates and completes the signings and I have to make do with what they have found. In this save the better the DoF was at JPA and JPP they seemed to sign better or more suitable players. Sadly I can't say I noticed if their preferred formation/style had much influence because each one I hired was close to my own, or the players they signed fit into my team anyway. Another save my scouts/I found the players and added them as transfer target groups (eg ST or AMR) and the
  5. Quick question and didn't know where to put it... Is the addition of Romania and whichever other country is due to join the EU in Jan 2014 coded into the game? And if so do you know which country the other one is Praying its Belarus because I've found a great newgen from there but can't sign him EDIT: Found its Bulgaria, bugger
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