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  1. Maybe both? Tactically, save your game so that you can come back to the Leeds save at some point. But I think I'd have a go with the Bayern job..
  2. I got lucky with Vigolo then as the AI (presumably) didn't offer him a new contract at AC Milan. Amo always re-signs at Sevilla unless you get him to immediately accept the offer (once the contract is agreed gradually improve it in £100 increments until the agent says "that is a very acceptable offer").
  3. Macca's signing of Pellegri gave me a thought. The following players can be signed at game start: Jose Maria Amo DC Sevilla (£300k minimum release fee) but you have to get him to immediately accept the offer or he'll re-sign with Sevilla. Daniel Bracanga DM Sporting (£700K) comes easily enough if you offer a rotation contract. Vittorio Vigolo ST AC Milan (£775K), again offer a rotation contract. Tobias Svendsen AML Molde (varies around £300-£400k), offer a rotation contract. All have massive potential.
  4. Can't really do any better than Rajkovic Macca and I like Gruezo a lot. I've realised that you can actually sign him at game start for £4.2 - £4.4M but he does ask for decent wages. As I mentioned, I've re-started too. Looking back at my first save I signed the following for the Premiership: Rajkovic (£4.8M), Eder Alvarez Balanta DC Basel (£4.6m), Paulo Diaz DC/R San Lorenzo (£3.5M), Guillermo Valera DR Penarol (£1.4M), Frank Fabra DL Boca (£2.1M), Alison DM SAN (£2.1M), Dragos Nedelcu DM/DC FCSB (£2.7M), Gruezo (£5M), Sebastian Perez MC Boca (£2.4M), Keegan Dolly AML Montpellier (£850K min release fee), Diego Reyes DC FCP (£450K, wouldn't entertain an offer as his contract runs down but would negotiate once a fee was agreed, Jefferson Lerma MC Levante (£6M), Ramiro DR/MR/AMR, DM GRE (£4.5M), Nahuel Leiva AML Villarreal (free), Joel Campbell AML Arsenal free. Of these, if you can land them, I'd recommend Reyes, Campbell & Leiva. Then I'd look at Paulo Diaz, Nedelcu, Ramiro.
  5. Thanks Macca. Looking good in pre-season, conceding very little so far.
  6. I do get it, IRL they're our top players. In game I look to push up the quality of the side, I take the money when it is there and I work on the principle that there is always a better player out there; if you look hard enough. Alioski (£10.5M), Saiz (£6.5M), Anita (£7.25M) & Hernandez (£4.2M) were replaced with Sasha (£3M), Thalles (£1.9M), Gruezo (£4.2M) & Duma (free) and they may even be better players. As I mentioned, I found the second season (first in Premiership) more difficult to move players on. I think this may be due to the relative quality of your players compared to the quality of the division that you're in. I'm thinking that one of the ways to counter this is to keep the squad a little leaner, utilise it more fully and then perhaps generate more interest from the AI's transfer algorithm. It might work and if it does it will generate more transfer revenue. because it seems to go very quickly! To test the theory out I'm now on a new Leeds save and am using the new FuSS tactic.
  7. It is possible to raise a large amount of money at game start (possibly easier then than one year later). Should you want to, Alioski, Anita, Saiz, Hernandez, Ayling & Dallas can be sold at game start. In January you can also sell Berardi, Klitch, Ekuban, Sacko & Cibicki. If you sign Aliji & Duma on frees you can sell them too. I raised £46M in transfer revenue in season 1. In contrast I raised £18.5M in season 2.
  8. WBR Petter Strand (great squad all rounder) & will cost around £700K. WBL Naser Aliji decent enough for a free. DC Diego Polenta (£600k & agent buy out), Cleberson (£825K) at ATP gets w/p at appeal. ST Thalles (£1.9M) VDG w/p on appeal, Eduardo Sasha (£3M) INT (In Brazilian 2nd division now) has an Italian second nationality and is a top player.
  9. So, first window signings. Players: Dede, DC at CEC £500K. Alex Gersbach, DL Rosenberg £525K. Thanks Macca. Saleh Gomaa, MC at Al Alhy £350K. Thalles, ST at VDG £1.9M. Angelo Henriquez, ST at Dinamo £975K. Juan Ignacio Duma, AMR/L/ST free. Yarouba Cissako, DR free. I was amazed that Dede would come and took a pay cut to do so. All got work permits where needed, Dede, Gomaa & Henriquez immediately and Thalles at appeal. Duma & Cissako are squad players. Staff: Phil Cannon 4* shooting. Sergio Zanetti 4* attacking. Massimo Neri 4.5* fitness. Physio Andy Renshaw, better than what you start with. Scouts: Derek Langley (20 scouting on PA, 17 scouting on CA ), but limited knowlege. Joost Volmer (13/13) but good scouting knowledge. Mar Van Osselaer (13/13) again good scouting knowledge. Barry Simmonds (15/12) again good scouting knowledge. So, a better scouting range to identify targets with Langley to look them over. I've not replaced the Ass Man or HoYD at game start as I'm hoping that better candidates will become available.
  10. Good to see this year's thread up and running. Line Macca I've spent time looking for players and also attempting to sell players from the existing squad. I've found the latter to be impossible and I'm unsure at this point if this is intentional for the game this year or not. Identifying players who clubs are prepared to sell, or get work permits or are better than the existing squad is also proving very difficult. As I can't move players on, I'm going to limit myself to five or so additions and these will be DL, DR, DC, MC, ST. Of these I'll definitely be in for Gersbach at DL - good find Macca. I'll post my recruitment later.
  11. On a (Portsmouth) game on 2nd December 2017 I got the following message: It has been announced that United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union at the end of the season. As part of the negotiations it has been agreed that there will be no changes to the current work permit system and no new restrictions on European Union players. I do not know if this is a random message or there are other variations to the message.
  12. I'll have a good look at him. I see that scouts' reports on work permits has been 'tightened' on the new patch and it is much more precise.
  13. Go on then, I'll bite; why? A nice dual Italian or Spanish nationality maybe?
  14. Yes you can make a small killing. I wondered about this when I realised that you can sell practically all of the first team squad (even though the likes of Bridcutt, Ayling etc are first window signings) straight away. You can literally do this as soon as you've signed a player and indeed the longer that you wait then the harder it gets. Interested clubs run out of money i guess? I couldn't bring myself to do it because it didn't seem 'right' some how. But I wasn't this ethical about signing unknown Colombian players..
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