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  1. I did a full delete of everything in My Documents and a reinstall which has cured the issue, must have been some wonky custom GFX. Thanks for the help
  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try and let you know. Thinking about it, I'd just added a logo pack prior to this so it might well be the culprit!
  3. Run into a problem every time I try to play a match that as soon as I hit submit team and it starts loading in the ME the game crashes out on me. When I OK the crash dump prompt, game exits and Steam tries to install something before failing with a code 41. I've verified cache and done a clean install. I can holiday past the day in question but as soon as I go to play my next match same crash. GFX card all up to date. Save and Crash uploaded on FTP, both SteelCityColt_Error41
  4. I'm by no means at all an expert and have been living off Cleon/Herne's topics but I'd suggest: Changing down to a Control/Standard mentality. Not sure how attacking would gel with a lower tempo. Change your AF to something more withdrawn so he doesn't get as isolated, what's the player's attributes like? Change the IF/A to an IF/S (I've played this shape with two IF/S and found they still got forward more than enough), would help out on defense IMO. As you're playing with 2 x WBs maybe change your DLP to a DMC to provide cover for when they go forward. That's as a blind guess, it all depends on what's going wrong for you. Are you scoring lots/conceding lots.. failing to score but tight at the back? Are you conceding goals from open play? Set Pieces? etc etc. If you do the above maybe change you CM/A to an AP/S or RPM/S
  5. My apologies for herne79 for cutting in on his topic. Thank you for the tip!
  6. Thanks for the tip, I've not dipped into FM Touch yet. It's 4 days into having the game, I'm sleeping 4 hours a night and I've restarted twice and not got past preseason. I'm really loving the tactics side changes.
  7. So after doing some reading of this topic and Cleon's AOP post and drawing out the above I ended up with: TIs I'm thinking of setting up with as Control/Structured, Retain Possession, Higher Closing Down. I'm hoping that it it will play like a fairly aggressive 4-4-2, but I think it's a bit too attack weighted. Thought process is usual back 4 but with the FBs overlapping/supporting the wide men. DMC to break up play from the halfway line backwards and to provide cover for a FB bombing forward. The BBM to act as the transition between defense and attack. Possible tweaks depending on how we go: FBS to WB (S) DM (S) to DM (D) Change the BBM to a DLP (S) to make him sit a bit more and help out the DMC in the middle of the park. T to an AMC, I'm trying to ape your setup to have 2 strikers but I'm concerned it will leave me too exposed. Possibly if I've taken off the FB attacking roles change the F9 into an Attacking forward. I'll let you know how badly it goes
  8. I've had this on the drawing board, but as one of my MCs can't really play DMC I wasn't happy with it. I ended up at one point with a DMC (DM Def), MC (either DLP/S or BBM/s) and an AMC (AM/S) which I didn't try out as it just looked wrong on paper. Might give it a whirl. I've not yet really started my game so I've been playing over the same few matches for some trial and error of concepts.
  9. I still can't quite get it playing how I want, however, from reading this and Cleon's posts it really does seem the tactical/ME side of things has come on a lot since I last played and there isn't really any more plug and play insta success tactics. More you have to understand the principles and then apply them to get a system playing how you want . Right now toying between a 4-2-3-1 Wide/4-3-2-1 DM Wide and the 4-4-2. I can't say enough how I appreciate posts such as yours that go into depth as it's really helping understanding why things work/don't work.
  10. Thank you for your help, although much more time consuming I'm glad I've taken the time to watch games on comprehensive highlights (do you watch full games?), as you've said it really does become common sense to see what's going wrong. My LM should be able to play the Di Maria role well, he's got the attributes and is both footed, the only thing he doesn't have is any PPMs. If I push him up into an AML and play him as an IF then he plays exactly how I'd expect. Not a major problem as he's still getting good ratings and making a contribution. I might just make him into an out and out winger. Thanks for confirming my suspicion about the TM, I thought it would be as much, shame as he's dropping into the area of the pitch you were having issues getting the DLF to move into. I'll experiment with other roles, I've got 3 strikers to rotate and one I've used as a DF which seemed promising. I too aren't looking for an out and out possession tactic, but when you're playing a much lower standard of opposition I would have expected to be more dominant, I took it as a warning sign something wasn't quite right. That's when I realised how much I was lumping it long. I'll try out using WBs instead of FBs, I agree that there seems to be too large a gap between them and the WM in attacking positions. Thanks again!
  11. As I sit here at work off the back of 4 hours sleep I realise I have fallen off the wagon again... I've been trying to replicate some of your ideas as they resonate with my own as to how I want to play but without much success. True I've only played 2 preseason games against inferior opposition but as you've made clear the success of any tactic comes from the players individually doing as you'd expect and so far I've had a couple of issues. Apologies for lack of screen shots (I can add later) but I tweaked the roles slightly to suit my own team's attributes so that may well be root cause of my problems. Namely both my FBs are set to Support as I have two wide men (WMs set to Att) who are both good pacey dribblers and neither FB is amazing getting forward but are solid defenders. I also have a good target man so I'm using him as my deep lying forward in a support role. Centrally I've got the BWM combined with a AP set to Support. I've tried to replicate your Di Maria set up by telling my left WM to cross less and dribble more as he's got the attributes to make as good an IF as WM. Observations so far: 1) Team average positions are as expected and the "shape" looks right during matches. The target man plays deeper than the other forward and the AP plays in advance of the BWM giving a nice staggered spine down the middle. 2) After 2 games my WM left has 0 dribbles. Watching him play, he seems to look play short balls inside rather than take his man on. 3) My BWM constantly gets the lowest rating of the team, I'm not sure if this is a product of the teams I'm playing going for the direct approach and playing long ball over his head. Positionally he seems to be in the right spots but doesn't have much affect on play. 4) I didn't initially have the shorter passing shout on and I was only getting ~50% possession, against weak opposition it's a very worrying sign. I dropped to shorter passing which seemed to slightly improve things. Even with retain possession on it seems my team likes to hoof it. I wonder if that's down to playing a target man? I'm considering switching up my WMs to wingers as they are both poorly rated as WMs (I guess due to low tackling?), I was curious as to how highly Di Maria rated as a WM vs Winger?
  12. After a 2 year hiatus from the game I've been sucked back in after being bought it for Christmas, it's certainly a much deeper game. I just wanted to praise you on the depth you've gone to in this topic. I'm still very much stuck in the mud with wanting to play 2 strikers and wide men so 4-4-2 seem to be the only viable option, this topic is going to be my bible for a bit I feel. Keep up the good work!
  13. Great tactic, best I've tried so far that doesn't only have 1 striker. Just wanted to ask one questions about the player roles if I may without forcing you to go into much detail. I've dropped players in who don't rate highly in the role (e.g. just playing wingers in the AML/AMR role who have low tackling) and they seem to play fine. Are the roles more just to make sure the players are in the right zones at the right time if that makes sense?
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