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  1. Hello. I csnt find a midfield role as VOL? Is it missing on FM 19 Touch?
  2. Friendlies i think. City had a full team.
  3. So its 2023. The world cup was in the winter. I have reached champions league final against city. I start game to find 8 of my players on international duty including de gea. How stupid! I had to play half a team and youth players.
  4. Im just starting my 3rd season. I have a 3rd keeper Joel Perrera (portugal) And a spanish wonderkid ages 19. Both are on 20k a week. They have been rejected for a WP. 1. I thought it was above 8k to get one. 2. What happens to those players? They failed appeal.
  5. Thanks declan. Yes Pop up is Nicky Butt. I dont seem to be able to hire a new assistant. Ive not sacked anyone but ive looked at Phelan, Shakespeare but theres no button to hire. They already have jobs. Thanks
  6. Im at Man United and my assistant is decent for tatical advice. However, when i press opposition tactics there looks to already be opposition instructiins i.e show weaker foot. But above that it says Nicky Butt will give my players opposition instructions?? I dont wang him, i want my assistant.
  7. Can i have your help to see what in game tactics you do. Im.currently Man Utd playing 1. If the scout report says they conceded X amount from the right. I often click play down right and overlap. 2. If a good side plays a i normally put my CWB Support on FB defend to prevent attacks. Then i attack dow the wings as they have no cover in front of fullbacks. 3. One tactic i played against was narrow with just full backs covering the wings so i went wing play and overlap. I.e 2 on.1 against full back 4. Do you have any advice on beating Barcelona. They beat me 8-4 on agg in champs league. Messi and Suarez ripped me apart. I used number 2 above. I won 4-3 at home. I did beat Real 6-2 earlier in group stages. 5. Any advice on a 442? Really struggle against that. Was gonna try a 4123 to combat it Any others people use? Thanks
  8. Hello. Two things on Switch 1/ I have managed to turn off scouting opposition. How do i turn this back on? 2/ i cant find how to retrain a player i.e Pogba to a Support Striker or Martial to a RW to give some cover. Thanks.
  9. I am playing on Iphone 4. On at least 5 occasions I have seen the other team score. I have followed it and the goal is given, not offside etc. Two minutes later the goal is scrubbed off and its 0-0 again?
  10. hello, I know I asked above but it may get missed......This Tactic looks interesting and has been talked about on the xbox site...... Can someone post pics of team instructions etc so we can see if it works on a different format... I'll then keep you updated thanks
  11. Hell, Im an xbox user and just bought 08. Can someone post a screenie of the team and player instructions...... I have no access to downloads..... thanks
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