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  1. Goals disappear

    I am playing on Iphone 4. On at least 5 occasions I have seen the other team score. I have followed it and the goal is given, not offside etc. Two minutes later the goal is scrubbed off and its 0-0 again?
  2. good tactic overall - best ive used to date - but its not as good as advertised, but I imagine thats just me...... Man United Van der sar Rafinha Vidic Ferdinand Evra Ronaldo carrick, scholes Giggs Rooney (or Van der vaart) Saha Saha was awesome upfront..... I came second in Prem, lost 1/4 finals to real in champions league, lost on pens to Liverpool in League cup and lost in final of Fa cup. Lost to Wigan 2-1, Villa 2-0, drew with Derby, lost 3-1 at the Bridge, and drew a few??????? I used wingers on weeker foot????? keep in mind that I am still yet to win prem league as United????? any suggestions???? - goals conceeded looked the same?? passed down their left, (no full back) pass in between left CB and st kicks it in???
  3. Hello, Im trying to get success with United so ive adapted this... As you can imagine the poorer teams clam up...4-42 no arrows. Ive drawn 1- Derby and 0-0 Fulham...... what tweeks do you do in this situation?? also, you say you use key moments 90% what tweeks would you make if opposition were have all the key oments???
  4. hello, I know I asked above but it may get missed......This Tactic looks interesting and has been talked about on the xbox site...... Can someone post pics of team instructions etc so we can see if it works on a different format... I'll then keep you updated thanks
  5. Hell, Im an xbox user and just bought 08. Can someone post a screenie of the team and player instructions...... I have no access to downloads..... thanks
  6. Rashidi, Im trying you approaches with my Spurs team - Is there any chance you can post your 433 you use alng with the 4132?? or is it the same as your 433 RY Ajaz formation?? thanks
  7. Well - I accept that this may be completly down to me but I just cant get this to work.... Im united - season one Followed instructions, 4-4-2, made 13 but as united are champs I used 20 - 14 for home and four less for the away games. I made no other changes to the 4-4-2 accept what was said. I set up Delgado as striker who drops deep along with Tevez. Rooney was injured but then he played that role. Tactic 1 and 2 were attacking, 4 and 5 I made defensive)e.g. no forward arrows, no forward runs etc. I lost 1-0 h Middelsbough, 1-0 away west ham, 1-0 a liverpool, beat Bolton 5-0. Beat Dyn Bucharest 2-0, lost to Ajax, Lazio, drew 2-2 with Newcastle, 1-1 Fulham, Drew a few more games Played 10 Prem games and was 15??? Each game it said 'United should have ewon this easily'??? Can someone upload this as Ive done this wrong..
  8. Sorry Im a little confused.....so... as Man United - home 20 - 14 Away Four less. So is that my range off five?? E.g. are the first two tactics attacking (20-14, 19-13) and last two defensive, with the defensive settings??
  9. As Villa in the end I camw 3rd with 73 points..United came top with 73 points...G/D. I did win Carling cup tho. I have found that even if I am firm favourites to win away Possession insn't great - I now only play counter and its working wonders. I have used poession against Stoke (win). What type of strikers do you use. Carew and Agbonlahor played well.....then I played Young as left St and he scored 10 in 8....his strength and heading are crap but his pace and finishing are good.... or would you play......Carew?
  10. What a great tactic.....currently Villa who are now 3rd in season 1. The only concern I have is the poor defence record. I conceed a goal every game...from United to Derby....everygame..... Ive even changed my defence and bought fat players..... Any help would be great.... GK, Sorenson LB Bouma Zebina CB Cahill CB RB Delaney Athoney Gardner, Rigewell Zebina is quick... Theres no pattern just conceed all the time
  11. Can I ask a question - Lets say I go Newcastle or Man United - Would you make any team tweeks or leave as is and just change poession, control etc pending on team playing against??? reason - The above poor run maybe due to my team changes but I didnt change much - But people like Joey Barton I out on Rare run with ball, full backs no crossing (very poor) should I have a target man listed in the menu e.g. not ticked but in the box nect to free role??
  12. Just lost 1-0 to Everton home - They played short arrow 4-4-2 I went attacking. At the end it says (like every game) lost or drew a game they should have won!!! What did I change - At the start I went through and changed minor things to suit my team....eg poor crossing, change to none and shooting etc..... nothing relating to mentality. I played and won 9 on trot.......then I added 'Frankys' training before xmas now Im such crap team.....
  13. aaaarrrrrrhhhhh what is with this game!!! Although im playing really well I just cannot play without conceeding...Ive kept 4 clean sheets in 26 games.....3-1 Derby, 1-1 West Ham...most cheap goals.... Also, my stikers seem to go through on goal alot and misssssssssss ararrrrr why? any suggestions - no money Given Geremi, Taylor, Rozenmal Morretti I have Faty.....Why
  14. Overall very pleased with this tactic Newcastle season 1 p 14 won 8 and im currently 3rd losing 3. My team are now gelled... But, Im never happy that I can go 1-0 up and kep a clean sheet. stats score 2.3 conceed 1.1 I conceed cheap crappy goals all the time?? mostly crosses from their right wing header goal.... I have Moretti (frm Valencia) left back and he aint slow but on occasions has been outpaced cross goal.?? thats was using possession....any advice.... In all games I should have won but for the above cheapness..... Iverson and Viduka got injured - Eddie Johnson hasn't stopped scoring since what a buy...
  15. Sorry Can you help out the clueless - Tactic is playing very well but I seem to draw alot. I take the lead e.g against Wigan away... using Poession as Newcastle - They seem to then take control and score - Even if I leave it as it is, go Counter or defend? Home against Man City - Attack - 2-0 up... they changed nothing nor did I - they won 3-2. I think it my team what do you think. Given, Geremi, Taylor, Ramage, Babayaro SWPhillips, Emre, Barton, Aidon McCready Owne, Iverson... It seems the ball goes up to strikers, and comes straight back each time....Iverson looks ideal for the hold of ball role....Ive not set anyone as Target man?