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  1. I've never used the editor before so although this sounds like an editor question it sorta isn't because I wont be touching the thing if the answer is no. So is it possible? If it IS possible how do I go about doing it? I wanna do a Gib challenge but with no WC it doesn't feel as good.
  2. I don't ever want to manage in that league, for example Denmark, but I want to be able to sign some good young players from there that are in the database if you load that league. Are they there if you load it as view only or do they not carry over?
  3. I wanna chime in and hope someone will provide any links on good deals. Right now I still have FO4 and will do up until Xmas, but still, the sooner its cheaper the better aha.
  4. Yea this is something that's rigged, and the mods and the fanboys will deny it and cry out that its ur tactics m8 but it's not, it's just the way it works. For example, I am Brighton, I'm in the prem and looking good, plenty of money to spend, I try to sign Bony from City, Arsenal offer 8mil and it's accepted, they wanted 14 from me, I bid the 14 and lose out anyway. Ok I think, let's try this again, I reload a save from a few days prior and enter myself a new manager, take over Arsenal as a French manager that's at maximum rep and as respected as Wenger. Sure enough, they want 17m from me due to me being a 'rival'. So they will accept one price from the AI version of Arsenal, but the identical version of Arsenal with a max rep manager from the same country as Wenger has to pay double simply because I'm in control.
  5. Far too many goals, Brighton in the Championship, scored 51 and conceded 39 after 22 games, more for than any other team by a mile and only the bottom two have conceded more than me.
  6. I had a great one, Adrian Colunga, after 23 league games, 23 league starts and only FOUR sub offs in those games came to me to complain about playing time and has demanded a transfer.
  7. Alright peeps, I'm also looking for a new laptop in prep for 2015, and my budget will be around 500-600 quid. My current laptop is this one TOSHIBA Satellite L655 Intel® Core i5 CPU M 450 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.4GHz 4096MB RAM Intel® HD Graphics Intel® HD Graphics (Core i5) Dedicated Memory: 64 MB I got that 4 years ago for 600 quid from PC world, I know you always get ripped at the big stores like that, so was wondering if something like this could be a more worthy investment this time around so I can play some Total War etc as well as FM? http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/CB-CZ5840-645AE-Cube-Chameleon-Cz-5840_1631682.html If not, any advice?
  8. For those saying that he's simply not for sale and to get over it. "Suarez is not for sale" *Sold* "Liam Bridcutt is not for sale" *Sold* From every league in the world we see that EVERYONE has a price. This is usually due to a player holding a side to ransom. Take a look at Liam Bridcutts transfer from Brighton to Sunderland this January, Brighton stated he was NOT for sale, but he wanted to leave and expressed his dismay, it's about as FM as it gets at this point right? Bridders then got 'injured' and wasn't in the 'right frame of mind' to play his football until we offloaded him, upon which he made a magical recovery. In FM15 I'd love to see a full move towards each player and his agent having the power that they have in real life these days. If Suarez wants to leave and Liverpool do not want him to, Suarez will get his way, as will Bridcutt, Fabregas, Muller and everyone else.
  9. Funnily enough I had the exact same problem with the exact same player, I was Brighton however and had just won the Prem twice in 2019 so he was like 29, he wouldn't come for any money and wasn't interested himself anyways. The #1 team in the game for rep etc was Manchester United, who sacked their manager that close season. I applied, got the job and instantly put in a declaration of interest for our Thomas. He declared he was flattered by my interest and said we'd be a great club to play for. Then I put in a 30 million quid bid. They said no and he stated he was unhappy at their rejection. I then bid 60, they asked for 210. I said 150 as a whatever bid and they rejected and asked for 210 again so I bid 200 and they accepted. This is a 29 year old lad, clearly coming towards his final contract of his career, and they won't move below 200m despite the player being unhappy with their decision. So yea, sometimes it is very unrealistic.
  10. I have also recently unlocked unsackable. Does this and all other unlockables transfer to any new Classic games I choose to start? I think it'll be fun for me to start a new game as a team higher up and activate unsackable, not able to go on FM for a few days so can't check, thought I'd ask
  11. Just started up a new season, both on the Vita model of the game. First time I started as Liverpool, by the end of preseason I had all of these out for 6 weeks or more.... Suarez/Sturridge/Gerrard/Cissohko/Mignolet/Agger/Skrtel. Started again as my team Brighton and by the end of preseason I have the following, all for again, 6 weeks or more... Ulloa/Stephens/Buckley/March/Chicksen/Bruno/Orlandi. All of which are as important as those pool players are to my BHA side. Every time one gets injured, it has that *buy magic sponge now* icon....
  12. Actually it being so touchcentric has already grown on me. One big thing that's annoying me is that it saves before every match, is that on the PC version too?
  13. Just had a little go, on the main screen with news and stuff, do I have to select every tab via touch? Tried every button to move it along like that and nothing. Not keen on it being SO touchscreen centered.
  14. You're missing out, next gen versions of FIFA are a massive improvement. I have owned a Vita for some time regardless of this anyways, so I will defo be picking it up
  15. Ladies and Gents, I introduce you to Duke Nukem Forever - This time it's football. What a waste of everyones time.
  16. Lol, I'm waiting for the day this thread mysteriously disappears and there never was a Vita version. What a bunch of jokers.
  17. Excellent, so how can I be more hands on? I don't feel making a tactic and giving them a role is as hands on as before, nor as hands on as making a match plan, imo of course.
  18. Is it? It seems more in depth than the main game haha! So where are the tactics screens in the main game other than just creating a tactic and giving them a role?
  19. http://cdn.footballmanagerstory.com/wp-content/uploads/imgs/2013/08/FM14-match-plans1.jpg Just to show the initial screen, I was mooching about and saw this screen, now I can't find this or any version of this ANYWHERE. Outside of making a basic tactic and choosing to attack support or defend I don't know where to find the finer details, like the sliders that used to be in team tactic settings, I thought match plans was the new version, but I can't find it, anyone able to help find it or tell me the new version of the sliders?
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