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  1. I stumbled across this thread looking for an analysis of fm15 tactics. Even though it was no use to me I still read it with interest as I couldn't help but be impressed with the method, organisation and results of this study. please repeat soon
  2. I'm using the latest patch, I don't think starting a new game would make any difference. I have had time to build quite a good team but even so scorelines like that still clearly show how effective the tactic is.
  3. Lordy9 I've used it with fmc but the tactic can be used for both, when you download the .rar file I think there is a folder for each with the .tac file inside.
  4. beat man city 9-0 with the V6 tactic, match stats look great. This tactic is perfect as it is I don't think we need a V7. Thanks Zero Sea.
  5. I've been using V6 all day with newcastle on the latest patch, we won the FA cup and the Prem having only finished 5th the season before. I did instant result for every game to speed things up, that's how I prefer to play on FMC. I've been checking the match stats and often we have 20+ shots about half of them on target but rarely more than 3 CCC a game.
  6. Dito but its your choice not to upload, looks like a very interesting formation. How did it perform over the whole season, did you win the league comfortably?
  7. Could be very wrong Jambo but I think it goes something like this -10 = Random PA between 180-200 -9 = Random PA between 160-180 -8 = Random PA between 140-160 -7 = Random PA between 120-140 -6 = Random PA between 100-120 -5 = Random PA between 80-100 -4 = Random PA between 60-80 -3 = Random PA between 40-60 -2 = Random PA between 20-40 -1 = Random PA between 0-20 Would love to know if that's right I wish they wouldn't have fixed attributes for potential in the game or a way of randomising potential ability within a range. In reality your actual ability will be a reflection of how much you've practised each particular skill. A player can choose the amount of time, concentration and effort they put into practising something so it shouldn't be a fixed attribute. If your practising your skills with or against a higher standard of opposition or with good direction from a coach you'll improve at a quicker rate as you can learn more in a shorter space of time in those cases but essentially your potential is only limited by how much you learn. Nobody is born with World class skills it's all learnt through practise.
  8. Hello again Minimal Fuss and thank you for your tactics, I'm not having the best of luck with ver 0.5 it seems I'm leaking quite a few goals from corners, keep drawing or losing away from home. I was hoping to try out the previous version you had up where norwich were beating roma 7-0, is there somewhere I can download this from?
  9. Finally worked this out, if anyone else had the same problem you need the 4.0.121 version and to run the .exe as an adminastrator.
  10. I can't get this to run, I downloaded the game from the GAME website. I've patched it so now on the game status page it says it is version 1.11.1 158038(m.e v906). I've saved the game its still my first day in the job (is that an issue). The error that keeps coming up says that it can not find FM11 running. I've tried all the different versions of FMRTE and I've unistalled the old ones before I've tried the new ones including the one that says directdownload. Is the version I've downloaded just not supported or am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Grafton83
  11. Did anyone else have a slight tear in their eye when they imported this. Its just beautiful, if i win CL my first born is being called FusS and my mums picture, god rest her soul, has already been replaced with a tactical screenshot.
  12. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by vinneyboy: fuss take your time and release your tatic when your'e ready, a lot of us here really appericate all your hard work so keep up the good work and don't let the people who have no patience put you off. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> +1
  13. its like waiting for christmas ay devils_h. Testing looks awsome you could say: 'it's So FusS so good', Argh I am bored, this is what i've been reduced to you, can have that advertising sloogan for free.
  14. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by devils_haven: hii fuss. please post your v4 tactic soon. i am dying to give it a try for my paleramo side. the next match is against roma away. and i have a verg strong target man who has won 7 M o M in 9 matches. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> He's not finished testing it yet. Last arrival estimate was some time next week i think.
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