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  1. Still playing FM18 and am waiting until the transfer window closes so I can update all the (major) transfers and start a new game. I'll generally buy every two years, but unless FM20 strips out or severely streamlines the horror show that is the new training system, I expect to be waiting until 21 at least.
  2. I use FMRTE and have for many years. I always heavily edit the database to bring down the top level CA/PA ratings before starting FM. Unfortunately, once the newgens start coming through, the game unbalances itself with a glut of Messi-esque superplayers, so I use RTE to track down any newgens under 18 with a PA of more than 140 and cut down the number of players in that group as well as their average PA. I also use it to mitigate the effect of some of FM's ongoing issues, such as players getting unhappy for no coherent reason and, thanks to squad dynamics, that unhappiness spreading to all the key players in the squad. Won't lie, I've used it more than a few times to remove injuries as well, when the game decides to take out all your best players for six months on the eve of a big game.
  3. Also interested in this. I've got my doubts about this year, so want to give the demo a whirl to see how it fares.
  4. France ought to win it. They haven't been great as a team yet, but their experience should give them the edge against Belgium, although both are excellent sides. Who gets through between England and Croatia is a difficult call: Croatia have two outstanding individuals (Rakitic/Modric) and several good ones, but the level of talent in their team varies wildly and as Russia proved, they have clear vulnerabilities. England are similar and have struggled to put together one consistently good performance even against poor-to-mediocre opposition (this afternoon's game coming closest, but even then, we were heavily beholden to Pickford), but might be carried through by that most fabled of English qualities - DESIRE. For that same reason, part of me thinks Russia might've been a harder game: they clearly lacked talent throughout their team, but really wanted to do their country proud on home soil and in a semi-final in Moscow, that refusal to give up might have sprung one more shock in their favour. Regardless, the winner of Belgium/France will be so clearly better than the winner of England/Russia that the final should be a relatively straightforward affair.
  5. None of the players mentioned have been great, to varying degrees, but I think the formation is a big part of it. Sterling and Alli in particular are being asked to play different roles in different positions than they play at club level and don't look sure how to make it work. Alli's also injured himself early in both his starts and Southgate has refused to withdraw him, leading to him milling around, clearly off the pace of the game(s). There are huge gaps between our defence, midfield and attack, which led to Kane virtually playing as a midfielder, in the places Alli and Lingard ought to be, for long stretches of the Colombia game second half. Unfortunately, the replacements are not much better. Rose was poor for Tottenham last season and has looked no better in his few opportunities this WC: Bertrand should be in Russia instead. Rashford is very raw, particularly his decision-making, and struggled to impact the game vs Belgium apart from missing his one-on-one. RLC has probably been the better of the replacement players, but even as a Chelsea plan desperate for him to do well, he's been far too safety conscious in his two starts and failed to take his chances. I suppose Delph would be the replacement for Lingard, and while he's a decent player, he's not exactly inspiring and has been playing at LB most of the season. Long story short: England's system isn't working brilliantly and a number of players are struggling to live up to their ability. However, the alternatives don't look much better.
  6. Not all that concerned, or at least no moreso than before. The hype after wins against Tunisia and Panama was always drastically overblown, and the apocalyptic reactions I've seen after the Belgium game are the same. Quite apart from the fact that none of the players out tonight will play against Colombia, we weren't great and didn't create much, but also weren't terrible - I'd argue better than for long stretches of the Tunisia game - and mostly just flat against the best opposition faced so far: even Belgium's second string are leagues above Tunisia and Panama. A win against Colombia is 50/50, they've got excellent individual players but some clear shortcomings as well. If we get past that, we'll have a far better chance of reaching the semis than we would have with a win. Long story short, our second string weren't fantastic but didn't look anywhere near as incompetent against our best opposition to date as England's first XI have in previous tournaments, and there aren't many serious conclusions that can be drawn from a team featuring zero players who will start on Tuesday.
  7. I used the advanced rules to delete Brexit by disabling the agreement change (would that it were so simple IRL), saved, tested, saved again etc. Assuming the rule change would stick around, I went back to Basic Rules and did some database editing (transfers, player attributes, etc.). When I started a new game, I discovered Brexit was still active. Going back into the editor, it seemed reverting to Basic Rules also reset the agreement change. However, by keeping Advanced Rules active, I now seem to have to re-test the leagues every time I save any database changes at all. Am I missing a step on how to avoid this re-testing rigmarole without reseting any changes in Advance Rules?
  8. No idea how Rose gets in ahead of Bertrand, but other than that, it's about as good as could've been expected. Just thankful Jake Livermore and Joe Hart didn't get in.
  9. Interesting, I'll give it a try. Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately the closest I've seen elsewhere has been the FLUT 2.3 skin, but that doesn't seem available to download anymore.
  10. Apologies if this has been covered before, I couldn't find anything in the FM16 skinning guides. I tried FM Touch for the first time on 16 recently and adored the skin. I downloaded the base 'Touch-Dark' skin and put it in the relevant folder, but am only able to select it when in Touch mode (which I don't want to play). Is there a way of using the Touch skin in the standard full-featured mode without too many changes (I've never skinned before and tend to make blunders with anything code-related). I'm a bit sick of the standard FM dark/light skin and the Touch alternatives are by far the best ones I've found - most other skins I've downloaded seem to have mistakes in them - so if anyone can lend a hand, it'd be much appreciated.
  11. Can anyone say what the potential ratings for our youngsters are? I'm mostly curious about Loftus-Cheek, N Chalobah, Lewis Baker, Izzy Brown, Dom Solanke and Tammy Abraham. We typically get players underrated compared to Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and the like, for whom even a glimpse of potential seems to ensure a -9 upwards. I'd be interested if Chalobah, Baker and Abraham's increasingly confident showings are pushing their potential upwards, where RLC, Solanke and to a lesser extent Brown have comparatively stalled for various reasons (although Solanke was always rated low).
  12. Wilshere, Rashford and Delph should be easy cuts from that selection. Wilshere, though, will of course be kept around despite everything. Decent-ish squad overall, though that defence looks very fragile. Shawcross should've been in, though there was never any chance of that.
  13. Season (almost) redeemed. Denied Tottenham CL football in 2012 by winning it. Denied them the title this season by bagging it for Ranieri.
  14. Is it just me or do English-born players absolutely refuse to take loans abroad? As Chelsea manager, I tried sending a few youngsters to Vitesse (who offered them first team football) and they all refused. As a test, I used an editor to give myself an affiliation to a more high profile club in Germany, where they'd be regulars in a team offering Champions League football, yet they still refused. I even edited the last team's reputation to the maximum as a final check, and maxed the players' adaptability ratings, but they still refused. Since I never get non-affiliate offers from foreign clubs to loan English players, can't say if it's just a glitch in the affiliate system - and I have noticed players generally seem to become more likely to refuse affiliate loans over time. I don't know if this is just a quirk of my game or what, but I'd be interested to know. Obviously it doesn't reflect reality if so - Chelsea have, I think, five English players on loan abroad, while the likes of Micah Richards, Joe Cole and Ashley Cole have all shown willingness to cross the oceans (albeit for 'permanent' moves).
  15. Well sure, but I like the idea of being able to access the editor in-game and the reliability of using an official tool (plus, the other product is a scooch more expensive). As for the friends thing, I like starting out with a normal database and adding them as regens later on. Don't ask me why it has to be that way, just a weird little thing.
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