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  1. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before, English isn't my first language and I'm finding it hard to explain the problem, which in return is making it difficult to google if anyone else is experiencing it. So the issue is when clicking on a player's profile, the little yellow highlight/tick is usually placed on a position that the player never played before and only has a an "accomplished" rating for. like in the picture below: At first I thought maybe it was just a visual bug and the game highlights a random position when opening the player's profile, but it also ha
  2. I have a stupid question (hopefully this is the correct location to ask) when looking at a player's development page, what's the difference between leaving the "position/role/duty" training option -blank- or choosing a role? When leaving it blank and hovering it, it shows the current position and role the player is playing in the formation -so not necessarily his natural position- and/or his last played position and role. So it seems to me unless I want my player to gain some familiarity in a role he's less than "accomplished" in before I start playing him in that position, there's
  3. Also (and again, apologies if this have been a long time known issue), but everyone else having the problem of their fullbacks getting caught offside too many times for it to be realistic in a single game?
  4. Apologies if this is the incorrect forum or if this has been discussed before, I Almost never frequent football manager forums. But I've been frustrated lately with the amount of 1vs1s my players are missing. In my last game my striker wasted more than 6 1vs1 in a single game and a few they didn't even try to shoot for it to count as a 1vs1 : / This game below ended 1-0. So frustrating. I wouldn't mind players wasting some 1vs1s everyone now and then, especially that every game seems to have 10 1vs1 to both teams, but either increase the conversion rate, or lower t
  5. I found a bug with Real Sociedad and their Basque based players signing policy. So R.Sociedad have a club vision policy where they'd prefer me to ensure that most of my signing are of Basque heritage. Right now their option of my performance in that area is "satisfied" I went ahead and signed another Basque player, Martin Aguirregabiria, and my performance went from "Satisfied" to "Disappointed". It appears it only changed from Satisfied to Disappointed if I offered that new signing a "fringe" role. if I offered him a "Impact sub" role or higher, it turns from "Satisfied" to "Pleased".
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