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  1. Thanks for the replies, guys. I'd rather play it in bed, or on the sofa, or if I go away and want to play away, or even on a train when in first class. So it's 100% laptop.
  2. This one is good, isn't it?: https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/FX504GD-DM346T-ASUS-FX504GD-DM346T-Gaming-Laptop_2387834.html i7 and 16GB RAM. What's the downside?
  3. I would prefer £500, mate, but could possibly stretch to £750.
  4. Looks like a lot of the prices on saveonlaptops have gone up from yesterday, which is a shame. Does anyone know what specs to ensure I have if I want to run: 10 leagues; Have graphics set as the best they can be with no lag; A fan not roaring 'cos the laptop is struggling. Thanks!
  5. These two look good. May have to stretch to the MSi. Was hoping to go for £500, maybe £750, but this may be worth it in the long run. know if MSi is a good brand? Never heard of 'em, but then only heard of the regular tech giants.
  6. I can always do it on Finance if I have to, so let's say £750.
  7. Hi all (especially that Smurf guy who seems to be the Gandhi of laptop goodwill). My Macbook Pro has died (a minutes silence please). I need a new laptop to run FM19 when it comes out. I'm done with FM18, it's out of date now Liverpool are ripping up the transfer market and Fulham can sign players like Serri. So I need to get a new laptop - but to hell with Mac, way too pricey. Now the catch is thus: I want a mint graphics card as I love the 3D engine. I like to play with as many leagues as possible but usually end up going with as many leagues that mean my computer's performance is 3 stars in the Game Setup. The catch is, I only have £500. I'll mainly be playing FM on it and just random internet surfing. Any recommendations would be most appreciated. Cheers!
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