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  1. With the beta i see some beautifull movement, but still difficult to score. Always the same problem. Some play are really quality style. Real nice football!
  2. hey fuss in general i found 4.6 good in defence but very difficult to score. with 3.0 a lot of draw. always in years play with your approach but found difficult this time. i'm always playing in italy with fiorentina, so maybe is just me. tank's a lot for your work as always!
  3. 3.5 performing very good with fiorentina. Sitting in 3 position in april, i’m very pleased!
  4. For the striker setting did u find something that is working? Cf not work for me propely
  5. Hey knap tanks for this nice tactic but can u do the 4231 without iwb? Hate that style of play😬
  6. Yes ok but hurry up guys with a solution...the game is unplayble from 6 days.
  7. After 17.03 processing between matchs is take very long long time. Desperate😂. Need help guys
  8. Is this tactic still effective? Any new tweak? Tanks a lot
  9. hey fuss tanks for your effort. i like the style of play. but is not working very well for my fiorentina. they just wait me, than they counter me with long pass and goal every time. i guess because in italy all the squad play more defensive. but a will keep trying. tank's a lot for the tactic.
  10. probably right. keep trying with the base. is the style i love. tank's burnum.
  11. i can say that the main tactic (the base one) drop down after 16.3 especially away. i really cant have same results that i have in 16.2. is strange because the match engine didnt change. is a big mistery.
  12. brillant tactic knap. going very good with my fiorentina. top of the league at the moment.
  13. for me as well. playing with fiorentina. i'm doing incredible well with the base control version. with the new standard not so well.for me there is not doubt that the first version was a lot better.
  14. hey burnum..for me still the best tactic..really enjoy play that style of football...sometime problem with defense..
  15. fiorentina squad original. sorry i'm loosing other 3 match. my squad sit back and seeems cant create chances to score. i dont know why.
  16. the problem with this patch is having stability for me. cant perform well in a long period. anyway tested for 3 match not fluid yet. 2 draws, 1 defeat. waiting untill is fluid.
  17. ok i will try v6. first tactic was not working for my fiorentina save. i report you back.
  18. sorry mate, still cant download. try mediafire.
  19. nice! but sorry i cant download the tactic. can u put another link please?
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