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  1. With the beta i see some beautifull movement, but still difficult to score. Always the same problem. Some play are really quality style. Real nice football!
  2. hey fuss in general i found 4.6 good in defence but very difficult to score. with 3.0 a lot of draw. always in years play with your approach but found difficult this time. i'm always playing in italy with fiorentina, so maybe is just me. tank's a lot for your work as always!
  3. 3.5 performing very good with fiorentina. Sitting in 3 position in april, i’m very pleased!
  4. For the striker setting did u find something that is working? Cf not work for me propely
  5. Hey knap tanks for this nice tactic but can u do the 4231 without iwb? Hate that style of play😬
  6. Yes ok but hurry up guys with a solution...the game is unplayble from 6 days.
  7. After 17.03 processing between matchs is take very long long time. Desperate😂. Need help guys
  8. Is this tactic still effective? Any new tweak? Tanks a lot
  9. hey fuss tanks for your effort. i like the style of play. but is not working very well for my fiorentina. they just wait me, than they counter me with long pass and goal every time. i guess because in italy all the squad play more defensive. but a will keep trying. tank's a lot for the tactic.
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