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  1. Hi Michael, is it possible to increase the boldness of this panel?
  2. I don't think so, I only made the panel trasparent.. It's strange because the problem doesn't happen when I open the player profile from the team page, but only in the transfer page
  3. Hi Michael, I have a strange problem: when I open the player profile (for the first time) the physical attributes don't appear. But if I close it and then I return to the same player, it appears.. And this doesn't happen for my players :confused:
  4. It should be great if it'll be possible to edit the new white skin. I suppose it's impossible at the moment (because in the folder skin there is only a .fmf file)
  5. Is it possible to have the color of the sidebar like the main color of the team? For example red for Man Utd or blue for Chelsea
  6. For the text you're right, I solved! Instead the problem in scouting remains even if i disable backgrounds, because the color should be different (darker) in my opinion
  7. I have two questions: 1) which is the panel that sets the color of these? Because I'd like to change the color of "transfer budget remaining" and "wage budget available", making them more easily readable 2) in "Home" the latest results don't appear completely, how can I fix this? Thanks for your great work! ps I edited a bit your skin, with backgrounds and changing the font
  8. Hi, I have a problem with text size.. I've edited the "dark_base2015 settings.xml" file to make the text bigger and I've reloaded the skin but nothing happens in game.. The strings I changed are these: <!-- Settings included with the fm dark settings.xml default file --> <!-- text settings that vary from the defaults --> <flags id="text_font" value="fonts/ProximaNova-Reg" /> <integer id="text_size_small" value="8.5" /> <integer id="text_size_normal" value="9" /> <integer id="text_size_large" value="10" /> <flags id="hint_font" value="fonts/ProximaNova-Reg" /> <integer id="hint_size" value="9"/> <flags id="control_font" value="fonts/ProximaNova-Reg" /> <integer id="control_size_normal" value="9"/> <flags id="menu_font" value="fonts/ProximaNova-Reg" /> <integer id="menu_size_small" value="8"/> <integer id="menu_size_normal" value="9"/> <integer id="menu_size_large" value="10"/> <flags id="title_font" value="fonts/ProximaNova-Reg" /> <integer id="title_size_large" value="18"/> <integer id="title_size_normal" value="16"/> <integer id="title_size_small" value="12"/> <integer id="title_style" value="semi_bold"/> <flags id="html_font" value="fonts/ProximaNova-Reg" /> <flags id="pitch_font" value="fonts/ProximaNova-Reg" /> <flags id="duty_font" value="fonts/ProximaNova-Reg" />
  9. The files are edt/dbc files that introduce real agents or real media in the game (put in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/editor data folder) They are created for FM14 (taken from trusted websites) and I activate them before starting a new game, but for some reason they don't work. I also try to use one at a time and to deactivate others but nothing
  10. Hi everyone, I can't manage to run any editor data files concerning real agent, like Raiola, or real media and newspapers in the world. When I enter the game and I start a new career they don't work or work only partially (not all changes appear in the game). It seems that they are in conflict with something but I don't know how.
  11. I follow this guide https://sites.google.com/site/michaeltmurrayuk/index-guides/how-to-re-enable-background-logos-in-fm13
  12. I put the old file for FM13, taken from michaeltmurrayuk site, into FM14 default skin. For me it works
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