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  1. Did they just not fancy reviewing the Nigeria pen?
  2. VAR didnt take the pen pen until 93rd minute but blew up 97th with 6 minutes added on. Great stuff
  3. Looking silly is the least of my worries. I do that most Friday nights in town. Not being able to celebrate a goal until it's been confirmed by VAR is what winds me up, takes away from the magic.
  4. No offence but I think our viewing habits of football massively differ and that dictates our opinion.
  5. Messi did the same off the ball as he's done all his career. Their team is a shambles and can't get him on the ball at all. If he drops back to halfway to get the ball then he still needs help further up to influence anything and the help isn't there
  6. A prolonged discussion between linesman and a referee for offside is that rare that in the past two years of going to about 100 games - I think I've seen it once. And no one celebrated initially as the linesman had his flag raised, you then waited for a discussion compared to you celebrating as there's no obvious reason why it'd be checked and no obvious sign. Then you see the ref, then you wait. Goalline technology also completely irrelevant as that's instant.
  7. Well you made a silly comparison that isn't at all comparable. But yes, I would rather the odd wrong decision (on which football has quite comfortably survived with for 125 years) than this corporate ****. Not like there isn't aggrieved teams from decisions in this World Cup anyway is there?
  8. Your last sentence is a load of garbage and not at all comparable but I think you know that
  9. Think my only pre tournament bet still looking ok is Panama and Saudi Arabia to score 0 and concede 5 or more at 40/1. Expect Panama or Saudi to get one in their easiest games in round 3 though tbf. Arguably my Argentina to win it is still going after today but I think it's safe to say that won't be coming in. Other bets were an eight fold on teams to finish bottom that Iran and probably Japan will let down l. Got £20 on Messi, Neymar and Griezman to get 3 or more which isn't looking great although the GOAT can step up any time. And got a tenner on Kane, Ronaldo, Costa, Lukaku, Griezman, Suarez, Mbappe, Jesus, Lewandowski and Messi scoring 2 or more at 40/1 still going but very unlikely. 4 in, 3 with 1 and 3 with 0. If Lewandowski and Messi could drag them through it'd be a touch but looks unlikely. apart from that I've probably staked about £750 since the tournament started and am £100 odd down so all a waste of time really! Happy to only be that down atm so just having the odd fiver from now on
  10. Haven't read this thread but just got pointed towards this forum by cms in the other var thread on the FF and I have to say I find it baffling how any football fan could support something that completely sucks the joy out of being a football fan. Do we really want to give up that moment of pure joy as a fan when a ball strikes the back of the net because you have to wait and see whether the winger handled the ball before he took on his man and crossed it. I go back to the euros which is some of my finest moments as a football fan that has gone regularly since the age of 5 and the thought of HRK's goal v Slovakia being checked for offside or Neil Taylor v Russia being checked for offside and half celebrating, a 20 second wait then half celebrating again is just such a demoralising thought. Yeah, it may rule out the odd terrible decision but it's hardly perfect. Argentina should've had a pen in their first game, Australia should never have had a pen the other day, France shouldn't have had a pen v Australia. It's not like it's fool proof. But even if it was I'd be against it as I feel it takes away from the best moment you get as a football fan, that split second where the net ripples in a huge game and you know it's a goal. Losing that is such a blow and even though quite a few I know through going to Cardiff games and Wales games agree, it seems a lot are starting to get on board with it from what I've seen on twitter and I find that disheartening really. I see it as another step towards football becoming even more of a corporate jolly at any level that's remotely decent. TL, DR - **** var
  11. Wales 11th after defeat to Portugal. England 13th. Big Sam will be a decent appointment for Wales B, he'll get you lot organised at least.
  12. Haha quality! I was on itv news before the England game. They cut my prediction out though the ********! The damage on the car not too bad tbh. It was about £70 each to hire and with tolls etc included but they've charged us an extra £188 for the massive dent in it after an awfully ambitious U Turn in central Paris after a sat nav that didn't work took us the wrong direction We pulled up to Lyon train station to drop the car off yesterday and parked it in the middle of two cars despite 200 empty spaces so it probably looked a bit dodgy from the off. My mate dropped the keys in and they just took it off him so we thought we'd got away with it but they billed him today. Only about £40 each, was expecting more like £500-£750 in total so relieved with that. All part of the experience Cracking hour at the stadium today, missed most of the scenes in Cardiff centre but headed to the stadium and it was a good chance to say thanks and relive some of the memories. Was welling up when they showed the Belgium highlights. The finest night of them all, id be amazed if that is ever beaten.
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