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  1. Hello, Nice. Thanks for the info ! Regards.
  2. Hello, I've found a "bug" (atleast i think it's a bug) : So I have untick the box on my tactic screen to avoid a player to take a penalty after he scored 2 goals. But when you are in a match if you go to your tactic screen from the tactic button on the top of the screen during the match and go to the penalty tab you can see that the box is tick, I have to untick it at every match. This is a bug or there is something to have the box unticked all time ? Thanks.
  3. I sent a mail to the SEGA support in France (its based in the UK...) I'm waiting for an answer. A friend of me have done the same. P.S : Thank You Matt ex SEGA
  4. I'm in the same position ! We need an answer and a solution, quickly ! Thank you.
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