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  1. Hello managers, Is there anyway I can export my manager profile? I have alreday manager profile with my real face, and I want to transfer it to another computer.
  2. found it! Thank you very much for the help!
  3. It may be a stupid question... I bought the In-game editor, how do I disable being sacked?
  4. Hi, If I want to enable this option, I can do it only from in-game editor and not the free version?
  5. For 300k+ players database you need computer with raid 10 stripe lol
  6. Hi @Cleon, Great post and great thinking behind it. Please, I want to ask you some Q: 1. The "Segundo Volante" won't run into the AMC way? 2. Pressing too much won't break the team structure? 3. Pressing too much and too high, won't leave you too open VS similar reputation club?
  7. currently i'm using 4-1-4-1. as much as I love 4-2-3-1, i'm struggling the year to implement it. somehow i'm running off at the midfielder no matter what I do. on 4-1-4-1 it plays me more balance. If anyone here using 4-2-3-1 successfully, I would love to hear/see how they do it.
  8. As a one that already has 60 hours since the beta was released, I can fully say this is by far the most balanced ME. Plus, SI polished lots of things that were already been in fm16 such as the backroom advice, now it's more intuitive and easy to implement things. As for the injuries part, so far didn't ran into something buggie. All in all, this is the most enjoyable and balanced FM I played.
  9. This year the beta is really balanced. I do hope SI won't get tempted and tweak it too much. I bought all FM's since FM 13 and this version is the most I love.
  10. Hi, Can someone please explain to me what Attributes do I need for Sport Scientists and for an head of Sport Scientists ?
  11. i'm not sure, but I remember 15 and 14 were out 2 weeks before the full verson
  12. yeah, and they say the beta will release at least 2 weeks, so, i'm still hoping
  13. wow! looking very good, I'm impressed. I just wish they will surprise us and will tell us that we can test the beta tonight!
  14. Thanks for your input. I did changed on of the WB to attack, one of the IF to attack. I changed to short passing + lower tempo. on away games, I changed to counter. the team looks much better now.
  15. Hi there, Currently, I'm managing Man Utd. I'm using formation: http://imgur.com/FFHbeuN And this TI: http://imgur.com/KEbiGCt My issue is, when I'm playing at my home, I'm usually dominating and get the W. when i'm playing away games, most of my matches I'm losing to a team who are way weaker then me. for example - I played away game VS West Brom, I had more time with the ball, I had more key passes, I had more chances to score, and yet they beat me 2-0. they currently sitting on 20th place! I went with Standard and Flexible, I even played with slight deeper defence line cause I know this year we can get hit by counters more the other FM's versions. I kept instructions, tactic and other things simple, and yet, I can't win and I really feel bad about it. here some SS of my game VS West Brom: My key passes: http://imgur.com/6o2E3Mz West Brom key passes: http://imgur.com/9SGe0kl the game stat: http://imgur.com/tnT0nV7
  16. I think they meant for this specific competition, not generally.
  17. I know there is a lot things dependents on... but could you tell me how you'll set 4-2-3-1 roles and TI for balancing tactic? for higher reputation team that will control the match, play slow build up playing and Minimize as its possible counter attack? I just need the basic...to see the logic... usually I use: x2 Fullback on support x2 CD (d) MC(D) DLP(D) AML as IF(S) AMR as winger(A) or AP(A) AMC (A) AF(A) structured , control, lower tempo, width, higher defence line (sometimes normal), short passing, closing down more, play out of defence, be more discplined and work ball into box. my team controlling the much but every team countering me as hell. I dont have too much scoring chances.
  18. I had the exactly same tactic and TI as the OP, except the 2 CM's. I used CM(d) and DLP(d) and I still was too much vulnerable to counter attack! I played with man utd.
  19. I think that overall the tactic good. you want short passing and play out of defence, well, that's not gonna work with CD stopper, cause his main duty his to rush out to get the ball and clear it with long ball. try using DC on defend.
  20. For me, it's doesn't matter what article or review that made by other person saying... first, you really need to know football manager franchise and play long term to criticized it, cause there's a lot of features you'll notice by time. second, there's a lot of improvements and tweaks that made FM16 way much better then the last versions. I'm over 110 hours time play and I just realized how prozone tool is awesome and effective!!! and one more thing, for me, when I heard that FM16 beta released, my heart bumped out, and when I purchased the game, I was happy like a little kid! this feeling worth much more then the money I paid! and one more thing: people making their voices about the avatar and how ridiculous it is, well, I don't give a sh*** about the avatar, the avatar is not the main feature in the game, It just a fun addition... I'f i want a game with avatar i'll go play destiny. FM16 is all about management... and that, SI doing the best!
  21. bug forum? why?? that was awesome goal! one of the best I saw in the game!
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