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  1. Hello managers, Is there anyway I can export my manager profile? I have alreday manager profile with my real face, and I want to transfer it to another computer.
  2. found it! Thank you very much for the help!
  3. It may be a stupid question... I bought the In-game editor, how do I disable being sacked?
  4. Hi, If I want to enable this option, I can do it only from in-game editor and not the free version?
  5. For 300k+ players database you need computer with raid 10 stripe lol
  6. Hi @Cleon, Great post and great thinking behind it. Please, I want to ask you some Q: 1. The "Segundo Volante" won't run into the AMC way? 2. Pressing too much won't break the team structure? 3. Pressing too much and too high, won't leave you too open VS similar reputation club?
  7. currently i'm using 4-1-4-1. as much as I love 4-2-3-1, i'm struggling the year to implement it. somehow i'm running off at the midfielder no matter what I do. on 4-1-4-1 it plays me more balance. If anyone here using 4-2-3-1 successfully, I would love to hear/see how they do it.
  8. As a one that already has 60 hours since the beta was released, I can fully say this is by far the most balanced ME. Plus, SI polished lots of things that were already been in fm16 such as the backroom advice, now it's more intuitive and easy to implement things. As for the injuries part, so far didn't ran into something buggie. All in all, this is the most enjoyable and balanced FM I played.
  9. This year the beta is really balanced. I do hope SI won't get tempted and tweak it too much. I bought all FM's since FM 13 and this version is the most I love.
  10. Hi, Can someone please explain to me what Attributes do I need for Sport Scientists and for an head of Sport Scientists ?
  11. i'm not sure, but I remember 15 and 14 were out 2 weeks before the full verson
  12. yeah, and they say the beta will release at least 2 weeks, so, i'm still hoping
  13. wow! looking very good, I'm impressed. I just wish they will surprise us and will tell us that we can test the beta tonight!
  14. Thanks for your input. I did changed on of the WB to attack, one of the IF to attack. I changed to short passing + lower tempo. on away games, I changed to counter. the team looks much better now.
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