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  1. Hello managers, Is there anyway I can export my manager profile? I have alreday manager profile with my real face, and I want to transfer it to another computer.
  2. found it! Thank you very much for the help!
  3. It may be a stupid question... I bought the In-game editor, how do I disable being sacked?
  4. Hi, If I want to enable this option, I can do it only from in-game editor and not the free version?
  5. Hi @Cleon, Great post and great thinking behind it. Please, I want to ask you some Q: 1. The "Segundo Volante" won't run into the AMC way? 2. Pressing too much won't break the team structure? 3. Pressing too much and too high, won't leave you too open VS similar reputation club?
  6. This year the beta is really balanced. I do hope SI won't get tempted and tweak it too much. I bought all FM's since FM 13 and this version is the most I love.
  7. I need help here regarding to SS (shadow striker) on FM 16. I'm using 4-2(dm's)-3-1. the DMS's are half back and regista. usually i'm using the AMC as trequartista, but I have a good young player who's good at SS. when im using him as SS, I feel he playing exactly as trequartista. moving around a lot, staying as AMC position and barely Threatening the goal. I tried to play with F9, DLF, DLP in front of him but nothing... I'm interested to see and hear how you using the SS... thanks
  8. SI the final game is great!! finally the game is balance and everyone on the pitch are doing their job! just amazing! thanks!!!
  9. Great thread! A quick question: After my tactics familiarity is full and I already set the individual training for my players... how should I set the scheduling bar in the training section for the rest of the season in your opinion? currently its set on my save to 40% spending time on match preparation. this is good?
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