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  1. Maybe it would be helpful if people who still complain about crosses would name the league they are playing in, what tactic they use and how good their defenders are. I had major issues before the hotfix as well, but I knew that my players were excellent (defense is the first thing I try to improve) and my tactics were also good. And I think the crossing issue has improved significantly. I mean the full backs are way better, they are actually doing something as before they just stood there watching the opponent. What I would like to know: Has the AI the same restrictions regarding budgets as a human player? In my liverpool save, my transfer budget was always around 30 million € and they even cut my transfer revenue back to 30%. In another save I see Liverpool throwing cash left and right, I think they had spent around 100mil€ for new players.
  2. Well done SI! The hotfix solved some major issues, at least for me. My full backs defend now more properly than before, defensive players much better, goalkeeper also. And it seems that I don't concede as much from set pieces anymore. Now there is only one more major issue for me: Performance. As a lot of people already mentioned, saving takes too much time (after the hotfix it took me almost 3 minutes to save the game) and the scouting and the back button are very slow. Especially the back button issue is a bit annoying since I used him all the time. But so far, you're doing the right things. Glad that this Hotfix came so fast.
  3. Maybe I got carried away a bit, but when I started to play the beta, the Match Engine was quite good and exciting. With every patch they "introduced" the same bugs/issues that FM2014 had at the beginning: Full Backs not defending properly, therefore too many crosses that lead to a goal etc. So I'm sorry, but from beta to full game, it feels like a step back, can't help it. Maybe my tactics are bad, but when I see that lots of people have the same issues (i'm also very active on a german message board), then maybe it's not my tactic that fails.
  4. Tried the same tactic, but I still concede from almost every set piece, altough I have lots of players with good jumping and heading ability. It's so frustrating and annoying, guess I'll have to wait for the next patch, cause right now no matter how good my team plays, I concede two goals from set pieces in every game. Since this hasn't been an issue in the beta, I sometimes wonder what they do between patches.
  5. Well, I already posted the same issue in lasts year wish list...
  6. If it would be that easy then I wouldn't complain. Even going with a defensive approach and telling your fullbacks to defend it happens far too often. But that's not even the point. It's just not realistic. If you're a small club from a lower league then it shouldn't be that easy to score lots of goals in a short time (even against better competition) just because you decided to play attacking football in the last minutes. It's not even reasonable for matches with equally strong teams.
  7. I agree that it's the time of those goals. Have seen it several times now and read about it in a german message board. If the AI is behind, the last 10 minutes they play attacking football (overload) and they score a ridiculous amount of goals in a very short time. It's too easy for them to score, even **** teams manage to bag 2-3 goals in against top opposition.
  8. Saving a game seems to take more time with every update. It's really slow. Just a minor issue.
  9. The problem with injuries is not the amount of them, but it's the consistency. Maybe that's why SI says that statistically there's nothing wrong. Example: First game after I upgraded to the full version: All three Center Backs get injured in one game. Out for 4-6 weeks. Next game, my keeper gets injured. Out for 7 weeks. Then no major injuries for a while, but a lot of occasional "out for severeal days" injuries, so that I have the feeling that half my squad might be injured. Once all my players are back, I think that for once I can play with the best squad. Next 2 weeks. 3-4 major injuries again. It's like the game says that a certain amount of players has to be injured in order to make it realistic. This happens in a very short period of time, hence the impression that there are too many injuries. And if you're unlucky it might be the same players, even if they are not injury prone. And before anyone claims it might have to do with training: come on, the training part is not that big of a mystery, is it? There are a lot of FM veterans here who seem to have problems with injuries, I think they are aware of how long the players should be on the pitch and how high the intensity of training should be.
  10. Funny how everyone has a different experience. I thought the Match Engine in 15.0.2 worked a lot better than in 15.0.3. The results were quite normal with occasionally one high-scoring game here and there. But since 15.0.3 it's unplayable for me. High scoring games all the time (6-2, 5-0 etc.), full backs unable to make a decent tackling, every corner seems to be a goal (either direct goal or goal after some stupid rebounding from my defenders). I play with 4-4-1-1, Full Backs on defend duty, wingers with support duty, one deep lying playmaker and a defensive ball winning midfielder. Even if I switch to a defensive stance, I concede like hell.
  11. I'm not sure, but I always thought this is a bug, it also happened in FM2014. Your assistant manager gives you advice during the match and if you commit too many fouls he says you should turn "Stay on Feet" off. So either I don't get the meaning of this button or it just does the opposite of what it should do.
  12. I don't know, but I feel like the ME has become worse than before. I didn't have any problems with 15.0.2. Now it seems I'm conceding goals left and right. Every corner is a goal, every long shot is a goal, I see own goals, stupid defeding etc. Last game I was behind 5-0 at HT against a smaller club and I played with a conservative approach. I'll wait for the next patch.
  13. Same issue here. Especially the back button is painfully slow, I use him all the time so a fix would be nice. No issues with 15.0.2.
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