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  1. I have to say I'm extremely disappointed at the lack of attention for 2D. It's one thing not improving it which I could stand for but it continues to get worse.
  2. Surprised at Lamptey's stats on the beta. I know he hasn't been around first team football for a long time but I think he has shown enough to warrant much higher crossing, dribbling and passing stats and slight upgrades in a lot of other areas.
  3. When it comes to Rangers, I echo some of the feedback already made in here. Kamara's mental attributes are too low (particularly work rate, concentration and bravery). He is usually at his best in the bigger matches and that is generally down to his intelligence and work rate. I know there sometimes has to be a balancing act so if needs be I'd personally sacrifice a point off his passing or vision for the other improvements I think are warranted.
  4. Yes, but my save has glitched. In the rules section for both the Europa League/Champions League final it states that the winner will qualify for the Champions League, but then lists every single team that has participated in the competition with (ineligible) next to their team name. No idea what caused it but I know I'm not the only person that has had it in their FM game as I saw someone mention it somewhere else. I noticed it about halfway through my first season and it kind of took away my motivation for trying to win the competition a bit. I still tried but it was kind of half-
  5. Yes, they did! My mistake - I forgot to check that one. Thanks for the reply. If anyone has any advice for the Europa League winner (and Champions League winner) not being eligible for qualifying for the Champions League, that would be appreciated. At least I know I legitimately didn't qualify for the Europa League in terms of league position now. However, I also got to the semi-finals of the Europa League and whilst I did try to win the competition, I have to admit it took the excitement away from it a bit, knowing I wouldn't qualify if I had won it.
  6. Finished 6th in my first season in the Premier League with Everton. The rules state 5th/6th qualify for the group stage but I'm not in the competition in any form. I'm not sure if it's a glitch or if it's correct. Fulham won the League Cup and are in the competition and Liverpool, who finished 7th and runners up in the Champions League, are also in it. Is this a scenario where 6th place doesn't qualify? My game is definitely bugged in some form as for both the Europa League/Champions League, the rules state that the winner qualifies for the Champions League but then lists every tea
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