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  1. It's probably not normal. [video=youtube;q6qgeXuV9KU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6qgeXuV9KU
  2. It's good that you support me, because I've had enough comments from other players so I changed tactics. With such a long length of what I have knew at once that I am not mistaken. In that case, thank you for your reply. Get back to work, otherwise we will see an update in March 2014 Good luck.
  3. Dear PaulC - I'm glad you laugh. I'm with you for almost 20 years. Going mad when I can not play!
  4. Dear SI - Is there a chance that by the end of the week we will see a new update? Please reply. This is important because when playing the current version, you will need to make an appointment with a psychologist.
  5. To think of my tactics to as "advanced their ability to press." You're cheating yourself. [video=youtube;0EK3uBJ7NT0] [video=youtube;hDBKvfwDDqQ]
  6. If the wage is also required. For the second year in a row is the same situation. Why release a game where you later need to wait for months to be able to play. I can pay for the game twice as many, but let's respect people and give into their hands efficient product.
  7. The challenge? ))) The game has a huge error that makes the game a waste of time. A play for almost 20 years.
  8. While waiting for the next update admire pressing in the new FM 2014. Movies borrowed from one of the players.
  9. I asked because in Football Manager 2013 could be played after the last update in March. However, the same with Football Manager 2014 and I hope that you still will not end up in March 2014. There are a few bugs in version 14.1.3 of which has already been mentioned. These errors are serious and cause frustration with the game. Until the new update comes out it makes no sense to play.
  10. Do any of the employees Sports Interactive can indicate the approximate date of the next update? I hope that the next update will allow for normal gameplay.
  11. Without the upgrade does not make sense to play on. Main issues: - Passive defense - Too many corner kicks and goals on them - Preservation of goalkeepers - Excessive prices when buying the player (eg buying player worth one million euro and often have to pay 40 million to want to sell it).
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