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  1. Luke Couchman is still the Analyst at FC Halifax Town
  2. Hi Jake, The Performance Analyst at Halifax (Luke Couchman) was born in Halifax, not London, and now has a National B licence.
  3. Maybe one to add to the editor. But the ability to remove the MLS salary cap. Would make it similar to touch, but while removing the salary cap, still having the drafts and contract types in place, just without the salary cap restriction
  4. Yes, i used advanced rules and changed all instances where the salary cap was mentioned. Unfortunately, I think these ones are. Ive exhaused every avenue i can see/think of! I dont have the knowledge enough to do that, or the time. Thank you so much for your help
  5. I tried just increasing the salary cap, but that didn’t seem to work either?
  6. ive tried removing the salary cap within the editor, but this still seems to exist when i go into the game?
  7. Hi, Could you please create the MLS, but remove the Salary cap. Want to keep drafts, DP contracts etc
  8. Hi Guys, Hope im in the right place! I love playing in the MLS on FM 20. Is it possible to play the MLS Without a salary cap? I want to play with the draft/contract rules etc, but just remove the salary cap, so FMtouch isnt an option. Thanks!
  9. Started a new game after the update last night. In my first 6 games I have been awarded 9 penalties of which I have scored 6 the one game I did not get a penalty, I lost
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