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  1. After several games with the new update i will give my thoughts. Several games aren't enough to a good understanding about the update, but anyway... Btw, sorry about my english. Good update! why? * Goolkeepers. Dang, i was so sick about blasting to the up right corner and the GK (Buffon or just some kid) just catch every dang ball with 2 hands. Really. They now do some stupid moves, but its way more realist this way. 1x1 with keeper is now a real chance of goal *Shooting. yay. Shooting outside penalty area is an option now. Player's stats matter. row z shots are more often. i like it. *Player stats are important. In FM2014 it was all about tactic. Now player's ability can have a word (it's a pleasure to see Ben Arfa breaking all those defenders..) *CPU vs CPU. Better teams are winning more often. Although the results seems a bit unrealistic * Player's rating way better!! *Corner's are worst. too many danger come from them. *I scored a goal from free kick.... \o/ *Didn't see real changes in the way of defending. Still needs a tweak. If the AI wanted, players could pass the ball between them, like.., forever. Anyway, cheers. And keep the good job!
  2. Hello mates, After a great disappointment with the release, i find this update really good. Finally i can play and enjoy FM again : ) Almost all is better. The most amazing is seeing my defenders doing sliding tackles to stop shots. That's cool! From now on SI only have to tweak here and there. No major improvements needed in my opinion. What i think SI should improve is Goal Keepers. I think they stop too many good shots, even if they are far away from being world class keepers. Some AI results are not that realistic. When i check Italian Serie A it's a bit of a mess. Napoli 1st (fine), Lazio 2nd, Verona 3rd, Juventus 4th. Roma, Inter, Milan at 10th+. Anyway. Thanks for the update! Good work guys!
  3. Finally!!! Love the new beast regens.The low quality of the regens was by far, for me, the only thing i didn't like on previous versions. TY SI
  4. There's three kind of people in this forum. The ones who like to beat the ME and think they are super tacticians. Others, like me, that wants ME to play my tactic. And others that find all ME's version a masterpiece. That moment when you buy a star and put it to play for the first time. "Lets see how this monster play?". I sit and relax. Now it's all about beat ME. who cares about individuality..? i do.
  5. I agree. It's not losing or winning. I don´t feel control on my team. My defenders don´t do nothing...
  6. This year's Match engine ruins it all. I am a player since CM 93/94 - Italy.. Never missed a game. This year's version, is totaly unplayable. 2013 version was such a disapointing game too, but this year... i just can't play the game. FM14 all looks random. Players don't defend, tackle, close down. None of them. Fullbacks are worthless. What a hell are they doing in the match?? FM2012 had such a good engine, why not copy it from there and make it better? oh well
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