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  1. This is about the sixth tactic I’ve used this season because at first I thought it was a tactics fault, my strikers struggle with all of them. I agree I have few CCC’s because my wide players keep shooting from ridiculous angles at ridiculous rates. My RB and LB both have two goals this season putting them ahead of Patson Daka (on 1, and has started 10 games) and only three behind Pellegri (current starter). I dunno what to do, I’ve tried lots of tactics (including the most popular ones on the workshop), I’ve tested multiple over one game to see where the issue lies and it all comes down to my
  2. Sheff Wed v Bristol City.pkm Can't cross, can't score one-on-ones. I'm about to hit Jan in a side playing well and my strikers have less than 6 goals combined.
  3. Glad to see it’s not a “me” issue, phew. 9 games into my first season and neither of my strikers have scored. My wingers are hogging everything and even though I’m doing well it’s driving me insane.
  4. Honestly I just use it mostly as a scouting tool and for seeing the CA/PA of my players. It’s just incredibly useful to be able to see exactly how good a player is when you’re scouting, it’s also great for international management cause you can easily see the best available to you. Other than that it’s great for sending players out on loan when they stupidly reject offers.
  5. Is this possible? I’ve poked around in the editor and can’t find anything.
  6. I've never really had much problems with the A-League, even if they only did just patch the WP bug for Wellington. I can't forget them! I love em too much, I watch the games on TV, i've got a kit. Not to mention I know far more about Wellington and NZ football than any normal Englishman should. There's a reason i've played Wellington/NZ for the last 7 odd years. There *has* to be a way to sort it, right? I mean Vaduz, they're in the game and they get automatic Europa League qualification, the precedent is there, surely it can be replicated? Or surely a proficient editor can add The Nix to t
  7. Only problem with that solution is NZ players count as foreigners to every A-League club except Wellington. Not sure how i'd replicate that rule with the "new" club.
  8. As many of you may know Wellington Phoenix are unique in the football world due to the fact they participate in a league that is technically in a different Continent to that of their own country. This was all fine and dandy until their deal with the AFC ran out thus meaning they could no longer qualify for the Asian Champions League. Now I've been playing as Wellington & New Zealand since around 2008, up until the deal expiry with the AFC my saves were amazing, multiple seasons long, great fun, Asian and Aussie domination and even some close run CWC tournaments. Now, however, my games with
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