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  1. Honestly I just use it mostly as a scouting tool and for seeing the CA/PA of my players. It’s just incredibly useful to be able to see exactly how good a player is when you’re scouting, it’s also great for international management cause you can easily see the best available to you. Other than that it’s great for sending players out on loan when they stupidly reject offers.
  2. Was coming to ask the same thing. Though I think we can’t import old tactics cause they revamped the tactics, dunno if there is anyway to import this year which really sucks as I’ve a tactic I’ve been using for like three years which is dead now. RIP.
  3. @Gripper Did City’s transfer budget get any adjustment before the data lock?
  4. Here’s a mention of a 15% sell on for Luke Freeman (https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/qpr-ready-sell-former-bristol-2079403.amp) 15% seems our usual figure, it’s what we had on Bolasie and I think Adomah. I know you guys got it right with our sell on fee in regards to Kodjia.
  5. I think what he means, Grip, is that the Championship is such a close league (just look at the current irl table) that’s it’s not hard to turn any team in the league into a title challenger, all you need is some decent signings and you’re up there. I’ve never had problems getting Bristol City out of the Championship on any edition. But where are we on the transfer budget? I think we’ve presented enough info to show that it’s wrong. For comparison Blackburn somehow have a budget of £12m, which is insane. I think Lansdown is definitely richer than the Venky’s. How do you guys arrive at these transfer budget figures?
  6. I haven’t no, only really checked into the beta just to have a look at City. Right but surely the transfer budget should still be higher than £2.5m? Just wondering how, with our rich owner and transfer profit this year, £2.5m was the arrived at sum. It’s always been clear, players sold or not, we’ve had the financial backing from Lansdowne (I destinctly remember the summer of the £9 million bids for Andre Gray and Dwight Gayle). FM never really seems to give us that accurate of a starting budget.
  7. Oh don’t get me started on our transfer failings (we’ve certainly tried to spend big it just never comes off), my point is just that we raised £16 million from transfers this summer alone and that’s not even slightly reflected in game. I get that you knock down first window transfer fees but even disregarding the background rich owner, we have £16m sloshing around somewhere at the club right now.
  8. How is the transfer budget only £2.5 million? We had a net transfer profit of £16.8 million this summer (per transfermarkt https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/bristol-city/transfers/verein/698/saison_id/2018). I mean this is so far off it’s genuinely ridiculous.
  9. Is this possible? I’ve poked around in the editor and can’t find anything.
  10. So close, yet so far. That CWC issue is *really* weird. Like why would SI hardcode them from entering a competition they had 0 chance of entering without a massive amount of editing? So strange. It's pretty ridiculous that we could easily move Barcelona to like the 15th tier of English football but it's nigh on impossible to get The Nix some proper continental football. They shoudl just release an override patch for it.
  11. Dear God, somebody other than me has started this thread this year. There's another! I've been trying to solve this issue for years, Wellington are my favourite (or rather, were) side to manage on FM (been doing it since 08) and no matter where i've posted in the last 3+ years no one has been able to solve the issue. It could be solvable (I.E getting them into the OCL) but no one with the editing know how really seems to give a **** unfortunately. The small reprieve I found was finding a "Fifa Champions League" add-on which the nix can qualify for. Ironically enough the more pertinent issue in real life is getting the nix to survive past this current season.
  12. So this is something that has only recently started happening in my Guangzhou save (3/4 through the second season) and it's ******* me the hell off. I play 3 upfront and my right striker keeps switching all the time mid-match with my left. It's really affected both players goal tallies this season (Alan got 25 in the league last season compared to 4 here). What the hell is causing this? It's not a tactic thing as that was my first thought and it still occurred after changing to rigid and telling the players to stick to positions, even though that was the set up for the first, non position switching season. So what can I do here? Is it a bug or something?
  13. I've never really had much problems with the A-League, even if they only did just patch the WP bug for Wellington. I can't forget them! I love em too much, I watch the games on TV, i've got a kit. Not to mention I know far more about Wellington and NZ football than any normal Englishman should. There's a reason i've played Wellington/NZ for the last 7 odd years. There *has* to be a way to sort it, right? I mean Vaduz, they're in the game and they get automatic Europa League qualification, the precedent is there, surely it can be replicated? Or surely a proficient editor can add The Nix to the Chatham Cup or create a new Cup just for NZ teams with the winner getting an OCL berth? Surely?
  14. Only problem with that solution is NZ players count as foreigners to every A-League club except Wellington. Not sure how i'd replicate that rule with the "new" club.
  15. As many of you may know Wellington Phoenix are unique in the football world due to the fact they participate in a league that is technically in a different Continent to that of their own country. This was all fine and dandy until their deal with the AFC ran out thus meaning they could no longer qualify for the Asian Champions League. Now I've been playing as Wellington & New Zealand since around 2008, up until the deal expiry with the AFC my saves were amazing, multiple seasons long, great fun, Asian and Aussie domination and even some close run CWC tournaments. Now, however, my games with the Nix and NZ last one season, that sucks. I have tried many things to circumnavigate the ACl problem, custom leagues from here and the workshop, none of which seemed to grant me that elusive CL place despite winning the league (and FFA Cup). Sad times. Now, I'm no editor boff but what I'd like to know is can it be made possible for Wellington to enter a Continental competition? Be it the ACL via the normal means or the Oceania Champions League in a Vaduz type situation or via playing in some kind of NZ Cup. Any help would be much appreciated lads, I just wanna be able to play my favourite FM save again. Ironically enough Wellington in real life are now pushing for the A-League title and could very well win it, so maybe this issue will actually be addressed by the ACL before too long. Bit silly if the best team in the league can't represent it in the CL.
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