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  1. It is interesting. but i think that if you play with martial inside forward on the left, mata advanced playmaker on the right and pogba as a am in the middle; i think there are a lot of players cutting inside and a lot of movements finish with many long shots.
  2. And what about the team instructions? Do you change something?
  3. Hello Sorry for my bad english, i am from vigo spain. I played one season with man utd with this tactic and finish 3º. I need some help because my team doesn´t score many goals, in defense is not bad so only 19 goals in 38 matches. the role of lukaku and rashford is other problem, they played as advenced forward but doesn´t score many goals. Thank very much for the colaboration.
  4. hello and sorry for my bad english With this tactic at home i get good result but away i have a lot of problems. Some help?
  5. Exactly. It is my problem, and i have a lot of problems with teams that parking the bus. Teams that play 4-2-2-1-1, with two MCs because Diego Costa is isolated and don't touch the ball.
  6. Thank you for the opinions. And what about the team instructions? do you think i have to add anyone? or delete something? Can i play fluid with this team?
  7. Sorry for my bad english, i am from Spain. This is my 4-3-3 with Chelsea, i´d tried to control the ball but in the 3/4 a lost a lot of balls. I need some help. William is isolated and lost a lot of balls too. Idon´t know if the roles and duties are correct. Thank you.
  8. Perhaps you don't have tall players in your defense; or you have a poor height in general. Prove to prepare some matches defending set pieces and try another configuration of your defense in set pieces for example. Five goals in a match from set pieces is a bit lol.
  9. I concede the 30% of the goals in the 76-90 minutes, in the last part of the game. I close down and play control, this could be one of the reasons. Someone can help me with any solutions? Take a breath for example? Thank very much.
  10. The problem is that my three players in attack don´t touch the ball. My second coach tells me that I don´t shot to the goalkeeper and i haven´t the ball. I don´t tried to mark specific players, but it is a good plan. I accept that is normal don´t have 60% possesion, it is real. The problem is not defensive, is on attack. Thank you for your time and sorry for my spanglish
  11. I am in a game with Manchester City. In away matches against big teams like Manchester Arsenal or Chelsea, i tried to play counter but with poor results. I know in that games is very difficult to keep the ball and win the possesion so i tried to play counter to doing fast football and shots. These team close down to you very much and it is very difficult to win the posession if you play control or attack. I don´t shot to the goalkeeper and my posession is poor. My question is if there are a way to keep the ball or play better the counters. This is my tactic: https://imageshack.com/i/idcfaUgKj https://imageshack.com/i/iq19GIHwj Thank you very much
  12. Yeah I think it is very good. I have another problem. I lost the possesion in several matches, because i have only three players in the middle. My question is if i can do it better or change some instruction. Another problem is that the players of the wings, Pastore and Lucas Moura play very bad. I quite run to defence and be more expressive to solucionate it. I lost a lot of balls in the middle, Cabaye and Verratti lost the ball in passes to the flanks. Thank you ver much for the coments.
  13. Thank you for your time. Another thing please, can you play control and higher tempo? or it is a little contradictory. And what about the roles of the players? you think that is ok? You put another instruction for this team? Thanl you very much
  14. https://imageshack.com/i/knWzYnVSj https://imageshack.com/i/iqS68r3bj
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