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  1. @dan_bre_1988 it seems like you have an idea of how you want to play. What I would suggest is maybe watching highlights on comprehensive and look at your CM with the Get further forward PI (does he get up the pitch enough or do you need something more aggressive in there movement). See if your wide players are doing what you want them to do? Look where your attacks break down if they do at all or do you not create enough? You could maybe increase mentality to create more risk. As much as you don't want to get caught out, you need to be aware every tactic has a weakness even the most thought out ones. It's all risk, reward and experimentation. For what you want to do with possession a striker on DLF is a really good choice as a lone striker but you need players to go beyond him he's going to hold the ball up and try to bring people in to play but if no one is there he's going to lose the ball, shoot from distance or go backwards. I'd maybe play around with only having either play out of defence or work ball in to box rather than both. I used to always have both of these selected but I've recently removed one as both together seems to lead to meaningless possession.
  2. I agree with @Experienced Defender there isn’t much of an identity to the tactic. It’s trying to do a bit of everything keep possession but counter in transition but think about the tempo you have set. i think your left side is good your right side could do with a tweak and you midfield needs a rethink. On the right both players are on support it’s a bit blunt, you could possibly have an overload on that side like you have on the other side with the wingback just by changing a duty. Especially as you have the wide TI set. The reason I say midfield needs a rethink is all 3 are on support and all 3 are quite static roles. You have a lone front man with no runners to support him in the box. Think about how to get a player to support him but then think about possibly supporting the defence in a transition if you push players forwards.
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