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  1. @knap Just popping in to thank you for your amazing work and dedication here. You are a machine
  2. @ygooh7 This was a superb tactic up until the last update, which SI released on thursday. SI loves ruin games. Do you know if the creator will update the tactic? I played FM early on thursday with Newcastle. Everything was fine. Then yesterday I fired up the game, and suddenly everything is ****. Didn’t find out they updated the game until late last night.
  3. Yeah, I was wondering why my team suddenly started playing **** for no apperent reason. These constant updates from SI makes this game boring, and actually worse than on release. I really think it should be possible to roll-back ME's. I paid for this (stupid) game and I should be able to play with whatever update I want tbh.
  4. @knap I am sure you are tired of answering these types of questions as yo get them all the time. I have followed you thread for quite some time, and downloaded 40+ of your tactics for FM21. I have done extensive testing with most of your tactics post 21.4 but cannot find one that suites a side like Newcastle United. You produce an overwhelming amount of different tactics which you test exclusively with Liverpool, so naturally reproducing that success with a side like Newcastle United is quite ambitious. However if you were to pick two tactics (home and away) which one would you recommend for a
  5. Pre 21.4 I found one of you tactic to be Godlike for my Newcastle side. Roll on 21.4, and I have literally tried all your tactics post 21.4, and non has been consistent. Hang in there, I think you do a great job
  6. @knap I have downloaded some of your tactics for FM21 and they work wonders right off the bat. Thank you! I am playing as Newcastle, and I really would like to utilize ASM and Wilson better. Have you made a 4-1-2-2-1 Wide yet? Also, do you have any tips for how to master making tactics? I have played CM and FM since early 90's and they just seem to get more complex by the versions. I'm getting too old and having less time to spend on deep analysis and theories. I have spent countless of hours reading and watching videos from you pros, but the more I try, the more I suck. Thanks again :
  7. Thank you all for replying. I'm unsure how I'm going to move forward with my save game. I'm think of maybe saving a backup file, and then continue playing on the other just to see how the summer plays out? I might be able to 'survive' the contract requests or I'll have to sell some or all of them, I don't know? It's a really discouraging situation...
  8. My manager is created with attributes like the one under. I tried let my DoF negotiate contracts but it seems he just offer them whatever they demand? Coaching Attacking 20 Defending 20 Fitness 1 Goalkeeper Distribution 1 Goalkeeper Handling 2 Goalkeeper Shot Stopping 1 Tactical 20 Technical 20 Mental 20 Working With Youngsters 15 Mental Adaptability 20 Determination 20 Player Knowledge 5 Youngster Knowledge 4 Level Of Discipline 15 Man Management 18 Motivating 18
  9. I just finished second season with Newcastle in EPL. The first season I won EPL (by one point) to Liverpool. But lost out in both cups early on. The second season was absolutely tremendous I won the Community shield, EPL, League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League. My squad is not bad considering two incredible seasons. I got taken over during the first season, but no sugar daddy or anyhting like that. I've tried to keep within a reasonable budget both in wages and fees. (I'm old and I'm 'stuck' in the old days before transfer fees and wages went crazy). I am afraid I have to sel
  10. Hello, maybe someone can shed some light on this or know what to do, I hope so. So this has happened; I’ve had a tremendous second season and won everything. Now most of my players have pre-concerns over improved contracts. They range from squad players to key players, and they all want between 100k-180k wages being on anything from 30k up to 100k. Those earning the most obviously being key players and already got new contracts less than a year ago. I simply can’t afford new contracts to 11-12 players of 100k to 180k each. What do I do? Any help or tips are we
  11. Second that. These are my results. First season. I'm managing Newcastle.
  12. So, knap... what do you do when the computer cracks your tactic....? Currently using the newest version of ! Knap442FMTN GridP51F48A9. did great first season with a half-decent Newcastle side, season 2; I have much better players and the tactic doesn't work, they can't seem to hit a ****in' barn door ...
  13. Got to say that although Knap is a machine prroducing solid tactics, lately there's so many of them that I do not know which to use. ! Knap442FMTN GridP51F48A9 (just lost 6-0 to man utd with this, unstable) ! FMTN Grid System -41113 p95f98a22 (does not work well away from home, and the only player scoring is the striker in the middle) ! Knap12.2.2P108F132A29Triple (Just played plain awful for about 8 games before I gave up) That being said I do appreciate you effort, and looking forward to future releases. Just find a better way of organizing your releases. Maybe use the OP to
  14. Sadly, your tactic in post #382, nor any of your other tactics, work for me anymore. I started a new game with Newcastle, and I'm losing every match. Weird, because it used to work perfectly. Guess the time is there to try someone elses. Thanks though.
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