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  1. Thank you all for replying. I'm unsure how I'm going to move forward with my save game. I'm think of maybe saving a backup file, and then continue playing on the other just to see how the summer plays out? I might be able to 'survive' the contract requests or I'll have to sell some or all of them, I don't know? It's a really discouraging situation...
  2. My manager is created with attributes like the one under. I tried let my DoF negotiate contracts but it seems he just offer them whatever they demand? Coaching Attacking 20 Defending 20 Fitness 1 Goalkeeper Distribution 1 Goalkeeper Handling 2 Goalkeeper Shot Stopping 1 Tactical 20 Technical 20 Mental 20 Working With Youngsters 15 Mental Adaptability 20 Determination 20 Player Knowledge 5 Youngster Knowledge 4 Level Of Discipline 15 Man Management 18 Motivating 18
  3. I just finished second season with Newcastle in EPL. The first season I won EPL (by one point) to Liverpool. But lost out in both cups early on. The second season was absolutely tremendous I won the Community shield, EPL, League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League. My squad is not bad considering two incredible seasons. I got taken over during the first season, but no sugar daddy or anyhting like that. I've tried to keep within a reasonable budget both in wages and fees. (I'm old and I'm 'stuck' in the old days before transfer fees and wages went crazy). I am afraid I have to sell the ones I've higlighted. They all want so much money, and I don't have that. I have been searching the forums for answers and the bugs forum too, but maybe this occurs because I have had so much success with a mid-table squad? I don't know... but I find it hard to justify a wage raise from say £38K to £115K? My current squad is: Freddie Woodman GK Karl Darlow GK Martin Dubravka GK Jamaal Lascelles D (C) Paul Dummett D (LC) Ciaran Clark D (LC) DeAndre Yedlin D/WB (R) Tomas Soucek D (C), DM Jesus Vallejo D (C), DM Ãlex Robles D (RC), WB (R) Charlie Taylor D/WB/M (L) Antonio Barreca D/WB/M (L) Isaac Hayden DM, M (C) Anders Trondsen DM, M (C) Miguel Almiron M/AM (C) Matt Ritchie M/AM (RL) Cristian Pavon M (L), AM (RL) Everton M (L), AM (RL), ST (C) Viktor Fischer M (L), AM (RLC), ST (C) Pione Sisto M/AM (RL) Jack Grealish M/AM (RLC) Pelayo Morilla M (L), AM (RLC) Lucas Pratto AM (RLC), ST (C) Divock Origi AM (RLC), ST (C) Kasper Dolberg AM (RLC), ST (C)
  4. Hello, maybe someone can shed some light on this or know what to do, I hope so. So this has happened; I’ve had a tremendous second season and won everything. Now most of my players have pre-concerns over improved contracts. They range from squad players to key players, and they all want between 100k-180k wages being on anything from 30k up to 100k. Those earning the most obviously being key players and already got new contracts less than a year ago. I simply can’t afford new contracts to 11-12 players of 100k to 180k each. What do I do? Any help or tips are welcome, thanks!
  5. Interesting. I use a 4321 Wide. Seems like the same as you. When you did a CDM I guess yours became 41221W? I find that the "gap" on the wings make me vulnerable. Maybe a 4-1-4-1 will work better?
  6. I'm stalking Welshace and have started a Portmouth save.
  7. Hello! Try the 4-4-1-1 tactic from this page: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-16-tactics/350883-mr-langvatn-fm16-tactic-center.html I tried this and after just a few matches Ayoze was on fire!
  8. Thanks. In the meantime I'm using the 'Maximised borderless windowed' setting. Picked up that advice in another thread. Works like a charm. Might stick with that setting post-update as well.
  9. Got the same issue as MBarbaric and novox1988. Has happened to me for the 4th time this evening. If I ALT+TAB to browse I get a black screen when I try to go back to FM. I'm running win10.
  10. Man City (which you have not mentioned -I know) is an absolute mare to meet. Managed 2-2 away, but the word luck has never been more appropriate.
  11. Currently 1st after 3 games. Norwich (H) 2-0, Chelsea (A) 2-5 and Watford (H) 3-0. Absolutely killed Chelsea on the counter. Early days, obviously, but got off to a good start.
  12. Nice to see the Newcastle thread up and going. I was seriously beginning to wonder when the heck it was going to be started. Good job to the OP and good luck. I don't know if it was @Welshace or another mod that started a lot of games during the BETA, but I'm in the same boat. I did not start my long term save during the BETA, I focused on testing stuff and exploring the new features and so on. Anyways, with regards to transfers, managing Newcastle (with their initial budget of only £700K) it really comes down to whether one fancy the challenge of going through a season with the original squad or doing close to a complete overhaul at the start. If you go for the latter, after serveral saves I have found you can sell/give away the following: Elliot - Free Taylor - £3,5m Coloccini - £875K Williamson - £300K Colback - £8,0m Gouffran - £3,0m Obertan - £2,0m Cisse - £6,25m On the very first day of your save you may offer Janmaat, Sissoko and Ayoze new contracts. Set the release clause to £80m on all. They will all ask close to £60K a week, but you can afford to if you sell the guys above. Also, make sure you don't miss out on the free agent Ricky Alvarez. The following are just my recommendation based on several test saves. Mind, I have not played longer than November first season. GK: During the first season you will be fine with Krul and Darlow. DL: Ludwig Augustinsson, Yuri DR: Gino Peruzzi, also if you decide to let Janmaat go consider loaning Douglas (Barcelona) or Nacho (Real Madrid) DC: Eder Balanta , Erik Sviatchenko (min. clause £2,1m), Daniel Amartey, Joel Veltman, Cristian Zapata, Johan Djourou. DMC: Lucas Romero ML: Ricky Alvarez MC: Kristoffer Ajer (PROSPECT), Iver Fossum (PROSPECT) AMRLC: Luan (Gremio) ST: Jonathan Calleri, Breel Embolo, Gabriel Barbosa, Mauro Zarate. I have being running the following Countries: England (down to div 2) PLAYABLE , Italy (2 divs) PLAYABLE , Germany (1 div), France (1 div), Portugal (1 div), Spain (2 div) PLAYABLE and Holland (1 div). The rest watch only. With large database. For staff, make sure to don't miss out on Phil Cannon (Head of Development), Antonio Pintus (Fitness coach), Nick Worth (first team physio). There are many others as well. Mainly you can get a lot of decent freebies here. Make sure to make request from the board: at the very start, ashley will grant you more coaches (which is really handy, because if you want to assign the above plus some more you don't have to spend to much money on mutual consent), and feeder club for work permit. Might come back and edit this post with more info later on. But hope this info helps you a bit Also thank you for sharing your transfers as there are players I haven't come across yet. Will check them out later!
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