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  1. Yep, appeal system' points are same in-game. But why this scoring is not displayed in player search, scouting report and contract negotiation screen?
  2. Ok, it's in the scout report but only if they got 100% knowledge. It seems to be strange as work permit rules (for initial and appeal situation) are pretty straightforward and shall be discovered earlier. Also it's only "Would probably fail the initial work permit application but has a good chance of being accepted upon appeal" for all players. I've failed to gain work permits for any of them.
  3. Yep, they should flag this but they don't. I remember this words about work permit in previous versions but I can't find them in the 17. I'm in England and trying to survive in Hard version of Brexit. Currently I'm filtering by "Nationality is UK" OR "Club based is in UK" but many players are missed(e.g. international players that could get work permit and foreign players that were in UK clubs at the moment of Brexit)
  4. Knowledge level should be 100%? Can you please show some screens as I couldn't find any work permit related information in reports from my scouts.
  5. Looks like the only way to know if player is able to gain UK work permit is trying to sign him. If I remember correctly it was an opinion in previous FM's scout reports about chances to gain work permit. But in FM2017 I'm unable to find any kind of this in scout reports or player search filters. Is there any other way? Thank you
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