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  1. Won £43 off of a £20 bet on France to win, so gonna put £10 on Godin FGS versus Portugal at 40/1
  2. hahaha, excellent back-heeled goal there from Kane
  3. I hope we don't slack off in the second half because I can see Panama full on losing the plot in the second half and it really could be double digits.
  4. Stones on a hat trick now. Panama absolute bobbar
  5. Won £990 on David Luiz scoring the first goal in the Brazil vs Chile game in 2014 (think it was a free bet as well). Still my greatest World Cup moment
  6. Thank **** for that. Despite winning, we were crap. Pedestrian attacking play with the pace of our attacks instantly dropping as soon as we get in the oppositions final third. Kyle Walker MOM for me, our best attacking outlet.
  7. Had France to win vs Romania and to win -1 tonight. I love Dmitri Payet Edit: Single bets, not a double.
  8. Goal, Barkley! Looked better first time round, big deflection on the replay though. Still, Hodgson about to enter the pantheon of the greatest international managers of all time with his 100% qualification record.
  9. What does that mean? Can I run 10+ leagues with 3d graphics? or will I have to settle for 2d
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong place: Just bought this. Don't really no much about computers, but it seemed decent for the specs. Can someone please tell me, would this be able to run 10+ leagues on FM 2015/Civ V (with mods) at a decent speed? Thanks. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00JWVZZIA/ref=pe_385721_37986871_TE_item Any help appreciated, thanks.
  11. Hogged pretty much every set piece as well, let Baines have a pop when the angle favours a left footer ffs.
  12. This is some impressive time wasting
  13. Klavan off! Oh the drama, surely we must win now.... surely
  14. Glorious to see Lichsteiner complaining about fair play.
  15. Welbeck!!!!! \o/ Don't just sit back now England, plz
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