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  1. GodfreyBloom

    World Cup Betting Thread

    Won £43 off of a £20 bet on France to win, so gonna put £10 on Godin FGS versus Portugal at 40/1
  2. GodfreyBloom

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    hahaha, excellent back-heeled goal there from Kane
  3. GodfreyBloom

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    I hope we don't slack off in the second half because I can see Panama full on losing the plot in the second half and it really could be double digits.
  4. GodfreyBloom

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    ahahahahaa, this is so funny.
  5. GodfreyBloom

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    Stones on a hat trick now. Panama absolute bobbar
  6. GodfreyBloom

    World Cup nostalgia thread

    Won £990 on David Luiz scoring the first goal in the Brazil vs Chile game in 2014 (think it was a free bet as well). Still my greatest World Cup moment
  7. GodfreyBloom

    What aftershave do you use?

    Oh and had some Tom Ford Tobacco Venille after winning an acca. Unfortunately dropped it on the bathroom floor whilst trying to see how much of it was left, gutted.
  8. GodfreyBloom

    What aftershave do you use?

    It is surprisingly good despite the tacky looking bottle and relatively cheap price. I've got some Versace Blue Jeans and Grey Flannel for £25 combined. Normally Aqua Di Gio Profumo, Blue de Chanel, Spice Bomb or Versace Eros. Never know what I want for Xmas - "just buy me some aftershave"
  9. Haye still not talking retirement though in his post-fight interview, maybe he can fight Price in a Battle of the Dave's
  10. Almost feel bad for Haye, still remember cheering his win over Valuev cause it was so unexpected. Going out to two ko's by Tony Bellew is a bit of a sickener, he's shot though
  11. GodfreyBloom

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    Whilst I was waiting for a new stadium at Sheff Wed, our home games were relocated to the Etihad
  12. He should just fight Flintoff for Sports Relief or something
  13. GodfreyBloom

    Longest piece of English fiction ever written

    Is there a tl;dr for the story?
  14. GodfreyBloom

    Football Manager 2018 OTF - Nov 10th Release

    Decided to start a journeyman save as a lower league manager without any qualifications, intending to work my way up to a top team over the years. Got my first job at Bognor Regis after holidaying the first few months. Things didn't turn out as expected, got 2nd place in the Vanarama South first season, but failed in the plat-offs. Won the league the next year and then got relegated from the Conference the following year. 2nd in the VNS the next year and again failed in the play-offs. Won the leaague the next year and then spent 4 years in the Conference before getting promoted to the football league. After that it has been a meteoric rise through the divisions and now I'm in the year 2056, doing quite well.
  15. GodfreyBloom

    CM/FM Legends

    Cristos Pastatzogolou, Nikos Liberopoulos, Zlatan (Malmo in 99/00), Kennedy Bakircioglu, Kallstrom, Gareth Jellyman, Julius Aghahowa, Cherno and Tonton. We're just naming players, right? Sigborsson will always be my fave, the only player I could sign for Wednesday when we were in the PL with a 200k transfer budget and I spent every day waiting for us to go into administration so we could get a takeover and I could get a fresh 8m to play with. Also Hakan Mild and Gronlund Edit: Oh and Taribo West on a free