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  1. I kept hold of two of them and sold one 'cos he threw his toys out of the pram. I'd just one the league and Newcastle had come 7th and the guy put in a transfer request to join them 'cos he didn't think we were a big enough club for him. Now though Chelsea have been bought by a Malaysian tycoon who has promised to 'splash the cash' business as usual at Chelsea then...
  2. Yeah it says a tycoon has taken them over. I've only ever seen owners making cash injections with investments before I didn't know they'd added in new things with the FFP rules. Now I've got three unhappy first team players who want to join Newcastle who came 7th in the league from my Arsenal team who just lifted the premier league :/ Thanks for the reply.
  3. So I'm a few seasons into an Arsenal save and I get a £50million pound bid from Newcastle for 20 year old regen. I thought I'd take a look at their transfers to see who they'd sold to get that kind of cash together; however they'd sold no one of note and dome this instead: That was last years spending and this year they are on course to spend a similar amount. I was curious so I added a new manager as them to snoop at their finances (not in the spirit of the game I know but I wanted to see what was going on) I assumed they'd been taken over and had got a sugar daddy of some description in. However there's been no investments. Then I saw the sponsors part of the finances page and saw this: That is some crazy sponsorship! I've been playing FM for a good few years and never even heard anything like this happening. Newcastle have been ok in the league but their highest finish is 7th so they're hardly due a bumper sponsorship deal. Anyone seen anything like this before? Or have a clue why it may have happened? Only thing I can think of is their board/directors have some mean negotiators.
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