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  1. Every player that has moved in the game transfer window has this in their history.
  2. All three. Cleared the cache from the library-> Application support-> Sports interactive -> FM2016. Then after it didn't seem to work, i did the steam method as well, the verify cache files option aswell. Finally, even though i did not have any issues with the other aspects of the 3D ME, i reduced the quality and still the black ball.
  3. Okay, I would appreciate a reply on this before any feedback since i need it to progress with my save lol. I have moved over the graphic packs i was using for FM2015 to the 16 folder, however i can only see them working in the "football manager alternative" skin and unable to use them in the default skin, anyone know what's wrong?
  4. Just logged in to thank you guys for the hotfix, came faster than expected and fixes exactly what made it unplayable for me! Now my holidays are sorted!
  5. Love it but One thing which will soon make me give up is the Goalkeepers always parrying the ball right infront of the goal and the defender in acres of space does not bother to move towards the ball to clear it while the attacker who's placed at the edge of the area somehow darts infront and scores in an open net. Almost 60-70% of the goals i have conceded so far has been like this.
  6. No problem with purchasing and playing the BETA in Singapore myself. Quite odd!
  7. Nope, thats not what i mean. I'm referring to the situation in the game in which a player is frozen out of the team but has high enough attributes and higher ceiling but no one gambles on him to help him rediscover some form. It's an AI issue, it should be embedded in some manager's profile to take these chances with younger players in their mid twenties to still make a step up. Whether it comes to fruition or not, that would be down to luck and playing time etc from then.
  8. Totally agree with Matshit, So many players make late development, it's not as uncommon as in FM. Look at Giroud, Koscielny. They were playing Ligue 2 2 years before moving to Arsenal. And i don't see often an AI team taking a punt on a player who is nowhere near his PA and is being frozen out of his team and make him reach his potential, sometimes i see players with World class potential retire after their contracts end at 27-28 after irregular playing time
  9. I suggest you put a incompetent footballer with high bravery and aggression stat in the BWM role and you'll get plenty of red cards, which i assume is the main requirement you're after! haha
  10. Well i think Limited Full backs covers your need as to a Wide centre back, I used to play converted Cb's in FM 2014 there with this role with Hold position instruction and they seemed to be incredibly solid. Kind of like how Ivanovic plays for Chelsea. Or do you mean wide centre backs in a 3 at the back type formation? If thats the case, i do agree with you. Wider CBs in 3 at the back system need to play totally different than a traditional CB IRL, so i do think it could do with a role.
  11. Very happy with this update. Only thing in the ME that bugs me now is the no of headed clearances headed back towards your own goal. When a team gets a corner, the opposition defenders just keep heading it behind for another one. Once I had 10 corners in a row.
  12. umm,No i want them to attack the space off the balls to have a better chance of my creative players to penetrate the opposition defense better. A player with a good off the ball movement and finishing.
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