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  1. just started my game.. seems cummmings is a popular guy but i dont have Scotland open and hes not there
  2. great read this thread.. definite contender for a next save
  3. merely just wanted to acknowledge Herne in this thread.. putting in so much effort for others.. great little community this is
  4. not so much feedback just a qu.. if a player s labelled by the media as a wonderkid.. does that mean to get that label they have a minimum PA (obviously a higher than norm one)
  5. if your a fan of the FM series, then yes, get this you wont be disappointed, its a step up from previous versions. and even if you haven't bought previous versions but are enjoying the demo then you will likely put in a minimum enough hrs into the game to make the purchase worthwhile.
  6. check the united team in clubs forum, he performs anything but average
  7. 25-30 goal a season for me at United- complete forward attack
  8. No it can also include other nationalities.., factors such as affiliate clubs, perhaps nationality of head of youth development also influence different nationalities intake.
  9. reiss nelson at Arsenal: can be poached at start game if bigger club
  10. id hazard a guess to finances, with promotion I'd imagine the board would sort you out
  11. perhaps your being to kind to them, a good kick up the backside can do wonders to ensure complacent doesn't kick in- of course depends on certain players characters. as much as looking at how to boost morale via team talks, there is no better way then winning so ensure as much to evaluate why your not winning.
  12. check their status within the team and set it accordingly.. from my own experience to have a player as hot prospect- backup to rotation will rarely complain and certainly if so takes months (unless their a temperamental sod) obviously if you have them set to first team or key they will expect to be heavily involved. when you say "when I lose patience with the terrible morale implementation and just decline to talk to a player" - this is important and understandable why a player/ his team mates will react negativity towards you.
  13. Powello; I love how much you try integrate youth.. im of similar nature. 4th season starting: Have Johnson, Borwick Jackson, Warren, fosu Mensah, rashford, gribben, gomez, lingaard, wilson &tuanzebe in main squad.
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